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Weekly Sunday Bulletin-June 5, 2016

Sunday of the Blind Man I come to You, O Christ, as the man blind   from birth. With the eyes of my soul blinded,    I cry out to You in repentance, “You are the resplendent Light of those in darkness.” Kontakion in the Fourth Tone       Parish Council on duty: Basil Economou, Michael […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin-May 29, 2016

Sunday of the Samaritan Woman The Samaritan Woman, having come to the well in faith, beheld You, the Water of     Wisdom from which she drank plentifully and inherited the Heavenly    Kingdom as one who is blessed forever. Kontakion in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone   Parish Council on Duty:                John Argiropoulos, John Ioannou, Jr., Tony […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin-May 22, 2016

Sunday of the Paralytic I am grievously paralyzed in a multitude of sins and wrongful deeds. As You raised up the paralytic of old, also raise up my soul by Your divine guidance, that I may cry out “Glory to Your Power O Compassionate Christ.” Kontakion in the Third Tone Close to the Sheep’s Gate […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin-May 15, 2016

Sunday of the Myrrhbearers When You descended to death, O Immortal Life, then, the light of Your divinity destroyed Hades. When You raised the dead from the depths of darkness, all the    heavenly powers cried out, “Glory to You our Christ, the   Giver of Life.” Lowering Your pure body from the Cross, Joseph wrapped it […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin-May 8, 2016

Sunday of Thomas Thomas examined Your life-giving side with his probing right hand, O Christ our God. As You entered, though the doors were closed, he cried out to You, with the other Apostles “You are my Lord and my God.”  Kontakion in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone   Though the doors were shut […]

Pascha Bulletin -May 1, 2016

Great and Holy Pascha Christ is Risen Truly He is Risen! We were buried with Him through Baptism into Death …Even so we also should walk in newness of  Life  Baptism is the Cross. What the Cross then, and Burial, is to Christ, Baptism has been to us, even if not in the same respects. […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin April 24, 2016

Palm Sunday The Saviour has come today to the city of Jerusalem, to fulfill the Scriptures; and all have taken palms into their hands and spread their garments before Him, knowing that He is our God, to whom the cherubim sing without ceasing; Hosanna in the highest. Blessed are You who shows great compassion: have […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin April 17, 2016

Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt The memory of this Saint is celebrated on April 1, where her life is recorded. Since the end of the holy Forty Days is drawing nigh, it has been appointed for this day also, so that if we think it hard to practice a little abstinence forty days, we […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin April 10, 2016

Sunday of Saint John Climacus (St. John of the Ladder) On this Sunday of Great Lent, we remember St. John Climacus or St. John of the Ladder. He was the abbot of the Monastery of St. Katherine on Mt. Sinai during the seventh century. St. John wrote The Ladder of Divine Ascent, which is a […]