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Weekly Sunday Bulletin – February 9th, 2020

Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee – February 9, 2020 The Pharisees were an ancient and outstanding sect among the Jews known for their diligent observance of the outward matters of the Law. Although, according to the word of our Lord, they “did all their works to be seen of men” (Matt. 23:5), and were […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – February 2nd, 2020

Presentation of our Lord  – February 2, 2020 When the most pure Mother and Ever-Virgin Mary’s forty days of purification had been fulfilled, she took her first-born Son to Jerusalem on this, the fortieth day after His birth, that she might present Him in the temple according to the Law of Moses, which teaches that […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – January 26th, 2020

15th Sunday of Luke  – January 26, 2020 Xenophon & his Companions This Saint, a wealthy nobleman of Constantinople, was filled with piety toward God. He had two sons, Arcadius and John, whom he sent to Beirut to study law. But they were shipwrecked during their voyage; barely saved, they forsook all things and departed […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – January 19th, 2020

12th Sunday of Luke  – January 19, 2020 Macarius the Great of Egypt St. Macarius the Great was from the Thebaid of Egypt, a disciple, as some say, of St. Anthony the Great. He was born about 331 and struggled in asceticism in the desert at Scete. Although young, he was called “the child elder” […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – January 12th, 2020

  Sunday after Theophany – January 12, 2020 Tatiana the Martyr of Rome Saint Tatiana was the daughter of a most distinguished consul of Rome. She became a deaconess of the Church, and for her confession of the Faith of Christ, she endured many torments. As she was suffering, angels punished her tormentors with the […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – January 5th, 2020

Memory Eternal Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, It is with sadness that we are writing to inform you that Mrs. Mary Kumaras fell asleep in the Lord. The viewing will be Saturday, January 4 from 2:30pm-4:30pm with a Trisagion at 3:30pm at Babione-Kraeer Funeral Home 1100 N. Federal Highway, Boca Raton. The funeral and burial will […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – December 22nd, 2019

Sunday before the Nativity – December 22, 2019 Anastasia the Great Martyr This Saint, who was from Rome, was a most comely, wealthy, and virtuous maiden, the daughter of Praepextatus and Fausta. It was her mother who instructed her in the Faith of Christ. The Saint was joined to a man named Publius Patricius, who was […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – December 15th, 2019

10th Sunday of Luke – December 15, 2019 Eleutherios the Hieromartyr, Bishop of Illyricum, and his mother Anthia This Saint had Rome as his homeland. Having been orphaned of his father from childhood, he was taken by his mother Anthia to Anicetus, the Bishop of Rome (some call him Anencletus, or Anacletus), by whom he was […]