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Weekly Sunday Bulletin-March 6, 2016

Judgment Sunday The foregoing two parables — especially that of the Prodigal Son — have presented to us God’s extreme goodness and love for man. The divine Fathers have appointed today’s feast commemorating Christ’s impartial Second Coming, through which we bring to mind that God is not only the Friend of man, but also the […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin-February 28, 2016

February 28 – Sunday of the Prodigal Son Through today’s parable, our Saviour has set forth three things for us: the condition of the sinner, the rule of repentance, and the greatness of God’s compassion. The divine Fathers have put this reading the week after the parable of the Publican and Pharisee so that, seeing […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin-February 21, 2016

Eustathius, Bishop of Antioch  Saint Eustathius, the great defender of piety and illustrious opponent of Arianism, was from Side in Pamphylia. He became Bishop of Beroea (the present-day Aleppo), and in 325 was present at the First Ecumenical Council. From thence he was transferred to the throne of Antioch. But Saint Constantine the Great, led […]