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Weekly Sunday Bulletin – October 13th, 2019

  Sunday of the 7th Ecumenical Council – October 13, 2019 On the Sunday that falls on or immediately after the eleventh of this month, we chant the Service to the 350 holy Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council, which gathered in Nicaea in 787 under the holy Patriarch Tarasius and during the reign of the […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – October 6th, 2019

  3rd Sunday of Luke- October 6, 2019 The Holy and Glorious Apostle Thomas The name Thomas means, “twin.” He was one of the Twelve, a Galilean by birth. Sophroneus (not the famous Patriarch of Jerusalem [7th Century, celebrated March 11], but a friend of Jerome’s), quoted also by Jerome, says that Saint Thomas preached to […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – September 29th, 2019

  12nd Sunday of Luke- September 29, 2019 Kyriakos the Hermit of Palestine This Saint was born in Corinth in 448. He went to Palestine to the Lavra of Euthymios the Great, but because of his youth was sent by Saint Euthymios to Saint Gerasimos; after the death of Saint Gerasimos he returned to the Lavra […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – September 22nd, 2019

  1st Sunday of Luke- September 22, 2019 Phocas the Martyr, Bishop of Sinope This saint was known for the many miracles he worked and for his apostolic zeal in shepherding the flock of Sinope. He contested for the Faith during the reign of the Emperor Trajan, in the year 102, when he was burned to […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – September 14th, 2019

  Sunday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross – September 14, 2019 Nikitas the Great Martyr This Saint was of high birth among the Goths beyond the Danube River. He was taken by Athanaric, pagan ruler of the Goths, and after being tortured, was burned to death for his confession of Christ. According to some, […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – September 8th, 2019

  Nativity of the Theotokos – September 8, 2019 The Nativity of Our Most Holy Lady the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary According to the ancient tradition of the Church, the Theotokos was born of barren and aged parents, Joachim and Anna, about the year 16 or 17 before the birth of Christ. Joachim was descended from […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – September 1st, 2019

  Beginning of the Ecclesiastical Year – September 1, 2019 Symeon the Stylite Father Symeon was born about the year 390 in Sis, in the mountains of Cilicia and Syria. Having first been a shepherd, he entered the monastic discipline at a young age. After trying various kinds of ascetical practices, he began standing on pillars […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – August 25th, 2019

  10th Sunday of Matthew – August 25, 2019 Titus the Apostle of the 70 Saint Titus was a Greek by race, and an idolater. But having believed in Christ through the Apostle Paul, he became Paul’s disciple and follower and labored with him greatly in the preaching of the Gospel. When Paul ordained him Bishop […]