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Weekly Sunday Bulletin – October 14th, 2018

Sunday of the 7th Ecumenical Council – October 14, 2018 Saint of the Day   On the Sunday that falls on or immediately after the eleventh of this month, we chant the Service to the 350 holy Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council, which gathered in Nicaea in 787 under the holy Patriarch Tarasius and during […]

The Feast of St. Demetrios Celebration

The Feast of St. Demetrios Celebration Thursday, October 25:  Vespers followed by Grand Opening of the Large Hall & a Dessert Reception Friday, October 26:  Orthros at 9:00am; Divine Liturgy at 10:00am Saturday, October 27:  Feast Day Dinner Dance Dreams Come True at 7:00pm in the newly renovated hall. Tickets $45 per adult; $10 per […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – October 7th, 2018

3rd Sunday of Luke – October 7, 2018 Saint of the Day Sergius & Bacchus the Great Martyrs of Syria These holy Martyrs were Romans of high rank in the service of the Emperor Maximian, to whom it was reported that they did not take part in the festivals of the idols. When he called them […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – September 30th, 2018

2nd Sunday of Luke – September 30, 2018 Saint of the Day Gregory the Illuminator, Bishop of Armenia This Saint, a Parthian by race, was the son of Anak. He was born about the year 240 and was taught the Faith of Christ in Caesarea of Cappadocia. He entered the service of Tiridates, King of Armenia, […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – September 23rd, 2018

1st Sunday of Luke – September 23, 2018 Saint of the Day Xanthippe & Polyxene the Righteous The Monastic Women Xanthippe and Polyxene were sisters by birth and they lived in Spain in the time of the holy Apostles. They were among the first to hear the divine teaching of Christ the Savior from the holy […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – September 16th, 2018

Sunday after Holy Cross – September 16, 2018 Saint of the Day Euphemia the Great Martyr Saint Euphemia, “well-spoken [of]”, known as the All-praised, was martyred for her faith in 303 AD. According to Christian tradition, this occurred at Chalcedon where she was arrested for refusing to offer sacrifices to Ares. Her sacred relics are preserved […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – September 9th, 2018

Sunday before Holy Cross – September 9, 2018 Saint of the Day The Holy & Righteous Ancestors of God, Joachim & Anna St. Joachim was of the tribe of Judah, and was a descendant of King David, to whom God had revealed that the Savior of the world would be born from his seed. They lived […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – September 2nd, 2018

14th Sunday of Matthew – September 2, 2018   Saint of the Day – Mammas the Martyr Saint Mammas was from Gangra of Paphlagonia. He was born in prison, where his parents were suffering for Christ’s sake and ended their lives. He was named Mammas because, after he had long remained without speaking, he addressed his […]

Weekly Sunday Bulletin – August 26th, 2018

13th Sunday of Matthew – August 26, 2018   Saint of the Day – The Holy Martyrs Adrian and Natalie The holy Martyrs Adrian and Natalie confessed the Christian Faith during the reign of Maximian, in Nicomedia, in the year 298. Adrian was a pagan; witnessing the valor of the Martyrs, and the fervent faith with […]