2013 Grand Raffle Update

As a result of your contributions we have as of September 24th we have sold 266 tickets and raised $6550!!

We ask that you continue to support your community to reach its goal of selling 5000 tickets!! You can purchase tickets online here at our website. Also look for the raffle table in our hall during our Fellowship hour.

2013 Raffle Kickoff

We are excited to announce the official 2013 Mercedes Benz Raffle.  As a result of the participation of all who offered their time and talent to make last year’s Grand Raffle and festival an amazing success we are once again asking for your help. WE WANT YOU to make this year’s Mercedes Grand Raffle an even greater achievement. Through your help and contributions we reached our goal last year and sold 2500 tickets. Help your community reach this year’s goal of 5000 tickets sold.

We ask that every family sells or buys 12 tickets. It is a Win Win Win! The person who is selected wins the automobile, the church ministries benefit, and the people who sell the tickets benefit. The person who sells the winning ticket receives $2000, the person who sells the most tickets receives $750, the person who sells the second most tickets receives $500, and the person who sells the third most tickets receives $250.00

As of September 10th we have sold 148 tickets and raised $3700!!

Help your community reach its goal of 5000 Sold Tickets!!