All projects the community of St. Demetios is involved with. From Kitchen remodel to grounds to Iconography; this is where you will find the projects of St. Demetrios Ft. Lauderdale.

Icon Update

This is our latest update with those who have pledged and given for our new Iconography/Hall Renovation Project.

Balcony and Downstairs
Anonymous 2 Segments of Balcony
Chris Nichols Medallion
Jordan & Evangelia Elrod Medallion – St. Cyril
Carmen and Curtis Elrod Medallion – St. Methodios
Mary Sefferly Medallion – St. Ephrosyni
John A Faturos Medallion
Athena Loucas Medallion – St. John of the Ladder
Dimitra Karachalias Medallion
John Loupasakis Medallion – St. Kalliope
Stelios Groussis Family Medallion – St. Stylianos
Gregory and Suzanne Zorbas Medallion
Christina Ioannou Standing Saint – St. Christianos
Anonymous Standing Saint – St. Rafael
Amalia Papadimitriou and Christopher Siegle Standing Saint
Suzanne Spiliotis Standing Saint – St. Gerasimos
Anonymous Mural of Miracles – Raising Lazarus
Athanassios Zizzopoulos Mural of Miracles – Baptism Of Christ
Haralambos and Stavroula Bakalis Mural of Miracles – Elevation of the Holy Cross
Nick Scandalios Mural of Holy Communion in Altar
In Memory of Rev. Constantine Mitsos Resurrection of the Lord
Ioannou Family Transfiguration of the Lord
Mina Drimaropoulos Crucifiction of the Lord
George Georgakakis Two Icon Stands
Harry Tangalakis Dome
Anonymous 2 Pangaria
Laskas Meyer Family 1 Mosaic Candle Offering Area
Ioannou Family 2 Sand Pits & Marble
Ioannou Family 1 Mosaic Candle Offering Area
Outside Mosaics
Harry Tangalakis Mosaic Angel in Front of Church – Facing Church on left
Dr Kay Hamperas Mosaic Angel in Front of Church – Facing Church on right
Glass Doors In Church
Anonymous 1 Door
Rail Around Balcony
Juanita Antley 2 Sections
Anonymous 1 Section
George and Judy Jimokas 6 Sections
Mary Owen and Sophia Thermis 1 Section
Peter & Kim Liakos 1 Section
Gordon & Susan Oliver 1 Section
Christina Ioannou 1 Section
Betty Monezis 2 Sections
Voicu Family 1 Section

Give a gift this Christmas that will last a lifetime…and then some!

In 1946, just at the end of World War II, there were only a handful of Greek Orthodox families in the Fort Lauderdale area. They gathered at a hotel on the beach to worship and dream about their own church land, buildings and community, with young people’s groups, Sunday School, Philoptochos chapter and a beautiful nave and consecrated altar to worship in and to give glory and honor to God.

Today, we have the buildings, the groups, and the people, but the work is not complete. The icons are not finished. The Community Center, which was built in 1988, is tired and needs renewal. Our altar is not yet consecrated.

It’s our turn, as the next generation, to take up the torch from our church parents, to finish the work they began and to see it through until we can celebrate the consecration of the altar of our church.In addition we will have a gloriously decorated nave, along with a newly refurbished community center and brand new kitchen.

This is the season of giving and we cannot think of a better gift than donating an icon to the Church in honor and remembrance of someone you love or one who has gone to be with the Lord. Thus far the response to our efforts has been truly amazing. We have received pledges for items totaling over $150,000.

We ask you to consider helping before Christmas with two special areas of giving opportunities:


  • 2 Sand Pits with Marble Border – $5,100.00 each
  • 1 Mosaic Candle Offering Area – $11,000.00


  • 60 Segments of Decorations and Words on Balcony Front $1,800.00 each
  • 41 Medallions – $3,600.00 each
  • 3 Standing Saints – $5,500.00 each
  • 9 Murals of Miracles – $8,200.00 each

Please call one of us to discuss your Christmas gift this year. Take advantage of making your end of the year gift to the church for tax purposes. If you haven’t seen our video, This is My Church, please take a few moments to review it.


Giving Opportunities Fact Sheet

This table consists of all the giving opportunities included in this Iconography Hall Renovation Project. With all these opportunities given we will be able to completely refurbish our community center and beautify our sanctuary in preparation for its Consecration in 2017.

Giving Opportunities ID Item

Monthly donation (36 months)

Donation asking price per item
Balcony and Downstairs Walls
60 A Decoration and words on balcony front $73.00 $1,800.00
47 B Medallions $100.00 $3,600.00
5 C Standing Saints $153.00 $5,500.00
10 D Murals of Miracles $228.00 $8,200.00
Arches – With Decoratives And 2 Icons
12 E Decorative for Columns $67.00 $2,400.00
60 F Decorative Around Dome $70.00 $2,500.00
1 G Over Altar/Narthex $278.00 $10,000.00
2 H Small Arch $153.00 $5,500.00
8 I Middle Size Arches $195.00 $7,000.00
Stained Glass
48 J Stained Glass Window Panes $90.00 $3,200.00
1 K Mural of Holy Communion $556.00 $20,000.00
2 L Wood Closets $211.00 $7,600.00
2 M Small Icon Stands $128.00 $4,600.00
5 N 1 Dome Side Altar Build and Icons $160.00 $5,700.00
5 O 1 Dome Side Altar Build and Icons $158.00 $5,700.00
2 P Feast Days of the Lord (under domes of side of altar) $375.00 $13,500.00
2 Q Proskinitaria $84.00 $3,00.00
4 R Feast Days of the Lord $3,667.00 $13,200.00
2 S Pangaria $211.00 $7,600.00
2 T Icon Stands $250.00 $9,000.00
2 U Sand Pits & Marble $142.00 $5,100.00
2 V Mosaics Candle Offering Area $306.00 $11,000.00
1 W Dome Build and Icons $500.00 $18,000.00
Outside Mosaic – Front
2 X Angels   $16,000.00
1 Y Name of Church   $21,200.00
Outside Mosaic – Back
1 Z Name   $20,000.00
1 AA Theotokos   $41,000.00
1 BB St. John   $41,000.00
Glass Doors In Church Etching
8 CC Door Plus Etching of Icon on Each $98.00 $3,500.00
Rail Around Balcony
 150  DD Glass Balcony  $14.00 $500.00
 1 EE  Marble Floor    $170,000.00

We’re Moving Ahead!

Dear Blessed Parishioners,

What a difference a week can make. Last week we announced the time line for the date of the Consecration of our Church much to the joy of hundreds of faithful. The project as you know by now has several parts to it:

  • Phase 2 of the iconography
  • The renovation of our small and greater hall
  • A brand new kitchen
  • God willing the paving of our parking lot
  • Fencing
  • New light system for our grounds
  • A new covered area over the outside of our small hall

The later of these depend on future donations. The responses we have received thus far have been incredibly positive and we are now planning for this once in a lifetime event.

Thank you to those who have already stepped up and been the forerunners of the project. Thus far we have received the following donations:

  • Chris and Raffaela Nichols – Medallion
  • Jordan and Evangelia Elrod – Medallion of St. Cyril
  • Curtis and Carmen Elrod – Medallion of St. Methodios
  • Dr George Georgakakis – Two Icon Veneration Areas in the Narthex
  • Harry Tangalakis – New Dome with Icons in the Narthex in memory of his father Charlie and a Mosaic Angel over the front entrance of the Church in Honor of his mother Xenia
  • Anonymous – One of the new doors in the Nave of the Church with etched-glass of the Archangels.

These first donations amount to $66,400. We are speaking with many other faithful and the amount of donations should approach over $100,000 very soon. A great thank you to those who are leading the way. This Sunday we will announce more donations that have been received. Please be aware as we have stated multiple times that we will not be incurring debt to complete the project but will order icons and their installation once we have received the donation. A percentage of the funds collected will be set aside for the hall renovation project and as these funds become available we will begin the incredible task of renovating our hall.

We would like to finish the icons on the balcony as well as the design work and the new glass railing first so if you haven’t yet made a commitment we would ask that you consider giving in this area first. Giving opportunities start as low as $500 and go to $45,000 and can be given over a three year period. If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of us.

Thank you again and may God continue to bless you. Great things are happening at St. Demetrios and we are sure you want to be a part of them.


Fr. Christopher Metropulos

Chris Nichols

Why is this My Church?

Dear Beloved in Christ,

This past Sunday we unveiled the Phase II Iconography and Hall Renovation project to the amazement and approval of hundreds of faithful who were in Church. As a reminder of that presentation we are sending out this email with a video link on You Tube for you to watch as well as the documents outlining the program. Feel free to share this email with those you love and who have at one time or another had a connection to St. Demetrios Church.

This is our time to build upon the work of our forefathers by completing the iconography in our Church and then simultaneously finishing the much needed upgrade to our hall. A portion of the donation you make for the icon of your choice will go to pay for the renovation and thus we will prepare the Church for her consecration in four years and celebrate the event in our newly much needed renovated hall. In the Fact Sheet that is attached you will see each of the items identified by a letter of the alphabet so you can coordinate your gift with the renderings that will now be displayed in the Church. If you have any questions just ask one of the clergy or any member of the parish council for direction.

Please watch the video which is the first of four to be produced to learn more about the program. As the videos are produced you will learn more from those who were around when the parish was founded as well as learn why people are saying, “This is my Church what is it to you?”



Once you have discussed the project with your family, pray and then select one of the giving opportunities so that you can participate in this once in a life time event. The giving opportunities range from as little as $500 given over a three year period to as much as $45,000. Then send in your card with your first payment or the entire amount which ever you select. You can also make your donation utilizing a number of options using your credit card. If you have any questions just call us. You may wish to make your donation in honor of or in memory of someone. Just make sure you make note of that in your Giving Card response. Please be aware that this project is in addition to our stewardship commitments that each and every one us make each year. We ask that you continue to give your stewardship at its current level during the project. We are so excited about this much awaited project.

We have already received eight specific donations of icons in honor of their loved ones. If everyone participates and all items are donated then we can finish our task. Let’s keep the excitement going.

God bless you,

Fr. Christopher Metropulos

Chris Nichols

Phase II Iconography Project

Phase II Iconography Project
Hall Renovation and Kitchen Remodeling


Purpose and Plan:

This undertaking will allow us to complete two very important projects that are integral to the sustaining, growing and improving of the spiritual and social life of our parish.

Phase II of our Iconography Project in preparation for the Consecration of our Church in 2017.
The complete remodeling of our community center. We will also, thanks to the generosity of the late Mary Kandaras, completely remodel and update the kitchen facility.

Special Note: Future plans will include the paving of the parking lot, fencing and new lighting system to our campus as well as a new canopy outside the small hall. God has always provided for our church through the generosity of our faithful. God bless everyone for your generosity.


DeSerras Hall built in 1964
Community Center built in 1976
Church built in 1988
Phase 1 Iconography 1993
Wall of Honor to be installed 2013
Consecration set for 2017


Iconography Giving Opportunities Sheet