Emmy Louvaris Speaks About Our Community

Hello my name is Emmy Louvaris, I’ve been a member of the St. Demetrios community since I was a young girl, and the support I received along the way has been foundational for me and my family. That is why I enjoy working towards her further development and growth. At St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox church we know that an effort made for the happiness of others, lifts us above ourselves. The support and love of our community has been in the hearts of Orthodox Christians living in South Florida for generations.

Many of our family members came here searching for a brighter tomorrow and for a promising future for their loved ones, and as they searched, they never forgot the most important ingredient—God. Looking back at the courage and faith it took to achieve these goals for their family and their faith, you can’t help but to stand in awe at their commitment. Because of the dedication and perseverance of these pioneers, we are blessed, today, with a beautiful church, a strong ministry and a growing family in Christ at St. Demetrios. We owe it to them, our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents to use the resources we have available to us today and the talent and skills, much of which was inherited from our predecessors, to perpetuate the legacy of these families, our families and the Orthodox faith that binds us.



Won’t you join me today and either buy a ticket yourself or sell the book that you received from us. This will, in turn, help us better serve the faithful of our community. Tickets can be turned in or purchased during the fellowship hour after church. Also be sure to share this wonderful project with your friends and relatives, as tickets can be found on line and are available for purchase from anywhere around the world. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to St. Demetrios and I look forward to seeing you in Church soon.