From Fort Lauderdale Area Clergy –
We offer this Prayer in Response to the current situation between Ukraine and Russia and all who are impacted locally and globally:

Life-giving and all-loving God,

The work of peace-making is never-ending, and yet we refuse to give up hope for a world where love heals all hearts, where generosity of spirit triumphs over suspicion and fear, and where dialogue replaces the drawing of weapons to settle conflicts. God, hear our prayer.

We know that war impacts the poor and vulnerable the most, that families are forever scarred by the pain of loss, and for those who suffer most when bombs drop and bullets fly, we pray, Holy One, have mercy.

We know that violence is a great human failure; when we resort to violence, we deny the divine image which we bear. When we embrace or ignore violence, we turn from the sacred call to love neighbor, welcome the stranger, and care for the hurting. Heal us and help us be better than we’ve been.

We know that many who serve in uniform do so for noble reasons, and yet their courage in being ready and willing to defend home and homeland does not change our desire for peace and goodwill. We wish for those who serve to remain safe. We hope that they need not spill blood. Bless our holy desires.

Omnipresent God, we are all your children. You love us all. You hold us all in your tender embrace. When your children suffer, your heart must be the first to ache. May we see all people as siblings in our global, human family, as children of a loving God, as persons deserving to live lives of hope, joy, fulfillment, and peace. Give us the grace to love God and neighbor, and the wisdom to know that every person is our neighbor.

Comfort those who weep, give strength to those who minister to the hurting, encourage diplomats, provide safe haven for those who seek refuge, grant courage to those who remain to face the turmoil, and bless all who are willing to be light streaming through the clouds of despair.

Where there is hopelessness, let optimism be resurrected. Where there is hatred, let the miracle working power of love be experienced. O God, grant miracles in our time.
These prayers we offer in faith, trusting that peace is the divine will, and peace is possible; and so it is that we pray, as do people all over the world, “may peace prevail on earth.”

Rev. Dr. Anne Atwell, Sunshine Cathedral

Pastor Dwayne Black, Sanctuary Church
Rev. Renwick Bell, Sunshine Cathedral
Rev. Marian Cavagnaro, Sunshine Cathedral
Angela Cohen
Lauren Cooley, Cultural Engagement Coordinator, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church
Rev. Edwin Copeland, Nation Christian Foundation, Church United
Rev. Elder Don Eastman, Sunshine Cathedral
Rev. Dr. Robert Griffin, Executive Minister, Sunshine Cathedral
Rabbi Noah Kitty, of Congregation Etz Chaim
Pastor Bill Knott, Grace Alone Ministries of Riverland Village, Fort Lauderdale
Rev. Dr. Rosalind Osgood, Associate Minister, New Mount Olive Baptist Church
Rev. Rob Pacienza, Senior Pastor, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church
Rev. Ronald Perkins, Senior Chaplain, Public Safety Chaplaincy, Inc.
Rev. Chris J Reny, Senior Pastor, The Church By The Sea
Commissioner Ben Sorensen, City Commissioner – District 4
Mayor Dean Trantalis, Mayor, City of Fort Lauderdale
Rev. Kevin Tisdol, Sunshine Cathedral
Rev. Paul Walker, Executive Pastor, Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale
Very Rev. Joseph L. Waters J.V., J.C.L.
Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins, Senior Minister, Sunshine Cathedral
Rev. Dr. Patrick H. Wrisley, Pastor and Ruling Elder, First Presbyterian Church
Father Peter Zougras, St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church