Happy Thanksgiving



On behalf of my family and I we would like to wish you and your families a blessed and joyful  Thanksgiving. Let us use this day to really cherish and give thanks for the relationships that sustain us—in our families, in our parish and in our communities. We express our appreciation for the satisfaction of work and the joys of leisure as we live in peace and prosperity. Yet, I think we as believers agree that our greatest blessings are not necessarily material ones. Perhaps the best thing about Thanksgiving is that it reminds us that God loves each and every one of us. As our true Father, He always stands ready to comfort, guide, and forgive us. That is our real cause for Thanksgiving, today and every day of our lives.


Yours In Christ,
Fr. Peter Zougras 

Decorating St. Demetrios Church
On Saturday, November 30th, we will be decorating the church for Christmas.  We ask that if you and your family are available to help us decorate please come join us.  We will begin at 11:30am.

GOYA will also be giving double service hours for those students that need.  We will also be serving pizza for lunch.