Icon Update

This is our latest update with those who have pledged and given for our new Iconography/Hall Renovation Project.

Balcony and Downstairs
Anonymous 2 Segments of Balcony
Chris Nichols Medallion
Jordan & Evangelia Elrod Medallion – St. Cyril
Carmen and Curtis Elrod Medallion – St. Methodios
Mary Sefferly Medallion – St. Ephrosyni
John A Faturos Medallion
Athena Loucas Medallion – St. John of the Ladder
Dimitra Karachalias Medallion
John Loupasakis Medallion – St. Kalliope
Stelios Groussis Family Medallion – St. Stylianos
Gregory and Suzanne Zorbas Medallion
Christina Ioannou Standing Saint – St. Christianos
Anonymous Standing Saint – St. Rafael
Amalia Papadimitriou and Christopher Siegle Standing Saint
Suzanne Spiliotis Standing Saint – St. Gerasimos
Anonymous Mural of Miracles – Raising Lazarus
Athanassios Zizzopoulos Mural of Miracles – Baptism Of Christ
Haralambos and Stavroula Bakalis Mural of Miracles – Elevation of the Holy Cross
Nick Scandalios Mural of Holy Communion in Altar
In Memory of Rev. Constantine Mitsos Resurrection of the Lord
Ioannou Family Transfiguration of the Lord
Mina Drimaropoulos Crucifiction of the Lord
George Georgakakis Two Icon Stands
Harry Tangalakis Dome
Anonymous 2 Pangaria
Laskas Meyer Family 1 Mosaic Candle Offering Area
Ioannou Family 2 Sand Pits & Marble
Ioannou Family 1 Mosaic Candle Offering Area
Outside Mosaics
Harry Tangalakis Mosaic Angel in Front of Church – Facing Church on left
Dr Kay Hamperas Mosaic Angel in Front of Church – Facing Church on right
Glass Doors In Church
Anonymous 1 Door
Rail Around Balcony
Juanita Antley 2 Sections
Anonymous 1 Section
George and Judy Jimokas 6 Sections
Mary Owen and Sophia Thermis 1 Section
Peter & Kim Liakos 1 Section
Gordon & Susan Oliver 1 Section
Christina Ioannou 1 Section
Betty Monezis 2 Sections
Voicu Family 1 Section