Phase II Iconography Project

Phase II Iconography Project
Hall Renovation and Kitchen Remodeling


Purpose and Plan:

This undertaking will allow us to complete two very important projects that are integral to the sustaining, growing and improving of the spiritual and social life of our parish.

Phase II of our Iconography Project in preparation for the Consecration of our Church in 2017.
The complete remodeling of our community center. We will also, thanks to the generosity of the late Mary Kandaras, completely remodel and update the kitchen facility.

Special Note: Future plans will include the paving of the parking lot, fencing and new lighting system to our campus as well as a new canopy outside the small hall. God has always provided for our church through the generosity of our faithful. God bless everyone for your generosity.


DeSerras Hall built in 1964
Community Center built in 1976
Church built in 1988
Phase 1 Iconography 1993
Wall of Honor to be installed 2013
Consecration set for 2017


Iconography Giving Opportunities Sheet