Iconography Update August 2014

This is our latest update with those who have pledged and given for our new Iconography/Hall Renovation Project.

Dear Parishioners,

On behalf of our Parish Council, Hall Renovation and Iconography Committee we wanted to give you an update on our latest sacred endeavors. First, as you can see from the inside of the Church, the iconography project is moving along wonderfully. Our iconographer will be returning in the next few weeks to add more icons that have been donated. We have heard so many positive responses to this project and true evidence of its reception is the almost $300,000 that has been committed to it in donations. Part of which goes to renovate the large hall.

View the video that introduced you to the effort, “This is my Church, what is it to you?” I am sure after seeing it you too will want to join the people listed here and make your commitment to completing the iconography of our Church in preparation for the Consecration of our Sanctuary.

As for the hall project the Parish Council has authorized that the necessary drawings for the renovation of the kitchen, including the small hall, be done as soon as possible. It is our prayer to begin this part of the project sometime after Pascha this year.

The Lord continues to shower our community with so many blessings. Thank you for your support. If you want to donate to this sacred and once in a life time project please speak to one of us.

In Christ,

Fr. Chris Metropulos

John Ioannou Jr. – Parish Council President


View our progress

Balcony and Downstairs
Anonymous 2 Segments of Balcony
Anonymous 1 Segment of Balcony
Anonymous Medallion – St. Leonidas
Anonymous Medallion – St. Symeon
Anonymous Medallion – St. Anastasia
Anonymous Medallion – St. Anastsios of Persos
Chris Nichols Medallion – St. Kosmas of Aitolos
Jordan & Evangelia Elrod Medallion – St. Cyril
Carmen and Curtis Elrod Medallion – St. Methodios
Mary Sefferly Medallion – St. Ephrosyni
John A Faturos Medallion – St. Tatiana of Rome
Athena Loucas Medallion – St. John of the Ladder
Louis and Stephanie Papadakos Medallion – St. Mary Magdalene
Anonymous Medallion – St. Vlasios
William Heal & Joanna Thagouras-Heal Medallion – St. Gregory of Nyssa
Constantine Bartsocas Medallion – St. Athena
Constantine Bartsocas Medallion – St. Pericles
Stelios Groussis Family Medallion – St. Stylianos
Gregory and Suzanne Zorbas Medallion – St. Anthi
Barbra Makris Medallion – St. Patrick
Dance Groups of St. Demetrios Medallion – TBD
Loupasakis Family and Harris Skoundridakis Standing Saint – St. Kalliope
Christina Ioannou Standing Saint – St. Christianos
John & Nancy Shikar Standing Saint – Elias the Prophet
Anonymous Standing Saint – St. Rafael
Amalia Papadimitriou and Christopher Siegle Standing Saint – St. Alexandros
Suzanne Spiliotis Standing Saint – St. Gerasimos
Sandra Columbus Mural of Miracles – Blessing of the Artoklasia
Anonymous Mural of Miracles – Raising Lazarus
Athanassios Zizzopoulos Mural of Miracles – Baptism Of Christ
Michael & Estelle Sotirhos Mural of Miracles – Wedding at Cana in Galilee
Haralambos and Stavroula Bakalis Mural of Miracles – Elevation of the Holy Cross
Constantine Bartsocas Mural of Miracles – Healing of the Woman with the flow of blood
Arches – With Decoratives and 2 Icons
Chris Molho 1 Decorative Column
Nick Scandalios Mural of Holy Communion in Altar
Christopher & Ellen Colonnese Carpet for Altar & Solea
In Memory of Rev. Constantine Mitsos Resurrection of the Lord
Ioannou Family Transfiguration of the Lord
Mina Drimaropoulos Crucifixion of the Lord
Tsiotis, Eliades, Stuart & Simitses Families Pentacost
George Georgakakis Two Icon Stands
Harry Tangalakis Dome
Anonymous 2 Pangaria
Laskas Meyer Family 1 Mosaic Candle Offering Area
Ioannou Family 2 Sand Pits & Marble
Ioannou Family 1 Mosaic Candle Offering Area
Victor Demetrios, Linda Phass, Anonymous & Helen Tzitsikas Childrens Icon, Sand Pit and Collection Box
Outside Mosaics
Harry Tangalakis Mosaic Angel in Front of Church – Facing Church on left
Dr Kay Hamperas Mosaic Angel in Front of Church – Facing Church on right
Fountas Family Mosaic of Church Name Main Entrance
Stained Glass
Bobby Herrera and Nadia Peritsalis 1 Panel of Stained Glass
Glass Doors In Church
Lazarus & Paula Kirifides 1 Glass Door
Leonidas and Maria Bavas 2 Glass Doors
Mona Monezis 2 Glass Door
Nicholas & Diane Lambrinides 1 Glass Door
Rail Around Balcony
Juanita Antley 2 Sections
Anonymous 1 Section
George and Judy Jimokas 6 Sections
Mary Owen and Sophia Thermis 1 Section
Peter & Kim Liakos 1 Section
Gordon & Susan Oliver 1 Section
Christina Ioannou 1 Section
Betty Monezis 2 Sections
Stajka Vangov 1 Section
Anonymous 2 Sections
Bessie & Harry Mavrikakis 1 Section
Nicholas J. Maniatis 1 Section
Katerina & Matt Shull 1 Section
Kalliope Hanlon 3 Sections
Peter & Kim Liakos 2 Sections
Phillip & Helen Taschioglou 1 Sections
John Clidas 1 Sections
Dean Pascal 2 Sections