Language & Culture in November

The Embassy of Greece in Washington, D.C. moved their Education Department to the Consulate of Greece in New York City. As a result of this move, they offered gratis a list of books to the Greek Schools in the United States. Malvina Protogerou Currie saw this invitation on the Internet and compiled a wish list for our Program. She called repeatedly the number on the website but she was unable to make contact with the Embassy personnel. Enter Fr. Christopher Metropulos. As soon as he heard of the difficulty at his monthly meeting with the teachers of the Program, he sent an email to Fr. Steven P. Zorzos, Dean of the Cathedral of Saint Sophia in Washington, D.C., asking for his help. Within hours, Fr. Steven contacted the office manager of his church who in turn spoke to the appropriate person at the Embassy. Two boxes of books and dictionaries arrived at Saint Demetrios within a few days!!! All we had to do was to pay the postage. Thank you Fr. Christopher!

Petros Tsingelis has prepared his part of the presentation for the OXI Day celebration and Malvina Protogerou Currie has videotaped the other part that features several of our students reenacting some of the events of that fateful day, October 28, 1940! The reenactment required that some children dress in costumes from Epirus and the Dance Youth Ministry graciously provided the costumes. We thank Erin Ryan, the Head of Dance and Maggie Barlow, curator of the Dance extensive and beautiful wardrobe. This was cooperation at its best for the benefit of our children.

Five children are learning to intone the Prayer to the Panagia and the Prayer to the Lord. They are: Natalia Cerna, Xenya Currie, Nikita Legakis, Dimitri Selimos and Athena Tsingelis. It is hoped that, God willing, they will delight the parishioners with their angelic voices during Lent.