Manny Daskos Speaks about Mercedes

Hello my name is Manny and I want to talk to you for about 30 seconds about a tremendous opportunity we have at St Demetrios to fund some of our ministries in a beautiful and easy way. Last year this man Mr. Olivio Treto won the Grand Raffle Prize of a new Mercedes Benz. He chose not to take the model we raffled off but rather to add to his winnings and upgrade to a large model. Just think for a moment if you were the winner…what would you do? The first thing is you would probably jump up and down a few times.

St. Demetrios is a vibrant, thriving spiritual community with a lovely church adorned with precious icons of venerated saints and martyrs. On any given Sunday generations of families can be seen worshiping together within our sanctuary. But years of service to her faithful are wearing on our facilities, our church, and especially on our community center. In an effort to respond to all our financial needs we present the Mercedes raffle opportunity to our members with the potential to raise the monies needed to make up the shortfall between the pledge stewardship and what we actually need to administer the expenses of our church.



By simply reaching out to your friends, neighbors and co-workers and asking them to buy an opportunity to win a brand new beautiful Mercedes C250 we can do a great deal to solidify the financial needs of our church. If everyone sold just 10 tickets we will reach our goal, oh and don’t forget about the bonus. The individual who sells the winning ticket will win $2,000! It’s not a gamble when everyone is a winner! Just look at the winner in this email. He decided to take his winnings and apply them to another Mercedes as an upgrade. You can do the same if you win.

So what are you waiting for, get busy and sell your tickets today…there is no time to delay. Better yet buy one yourself. How about sharing the video with your relatives and friends and asking them to purchase their tickets online. It is really simple to do.

Thank you.