Matthew 11:1-11

The Gospel of Matthew

Session 24 – 3/16/2014

Fr. John Codis

Matthew 11:1-11; Christ and John the Baptist


“Are you the Coming One, or do we look for another?”

Is this a question for the sake of John’s disciples?  Is this a question of impatience?  Or is this a question of drawing faith and hope?

When we understand Jesus response in an accent of confidence we can fully understand its meaning.

Christ as Judge expect us to live a life of deeds as did he.  He is the ultimate prototype of what Christianity is and how to live as a Christian.  Our deeds ought to be out of a sacrificial love for each other, whom are made in the image and likeness of Christ.  When we act rather than talk we are truly following in Christ’s footsteps and listening to his command.

“What did you go out into the wilderness to see?”

When we go out into the streets for a walk or by the ocean do we go with the intent of seeing the same thing over and over again?  Or do we go out in the hopes that we see something extraordinary?  Surly the sea breeze and salty air are something that cannot be found within the central US.

Likewise, do we run to Jesus to only view a man?  Or do we embrace him as our savior and benefactor?  We are able to embraces Christ because we have the extraordinary blessing of seeing the cross of Christ.

We are given the full revelation of the love of God.

John had the destiny that sometimes falls to us; he had had the task of pointing men to greatness into which he did not enter.

We should never be discouraged, if we have a dream to which we have toiled and labored for never worked out before the end of the day.  We have the cross though which we are given the extraordinary gift of the Kingdom of Heaven.