Matthew 15:10-28

The Gospel of Matthew


Seraphim Danckaert

Matthew 15:10-28



Both Law and Gospel: We Need Both

Section 1 (Matthew 15:10-20)

  1. In this section of chapter 15, we have a new law, a new set of Christian ethical principles. This law comes directly from Jesus, who gives a new Shema, a new “Hear, O Israel!”.
  2. The radical nature of Jesus’ new law is evident when compared to the old  law (Leviticus).
  3. “It is not what goes into the mouth [food] that defiles the person; it is what comes up out of the mouth [speech] that defiles the person.
  4. Reversing the “outward/inward” principle. Our own hearts and thoughts condemn us.

Section 2 (Matthew 15:11-28)

  1. In this section, we see the good news, the answer to our ethical problem, the solution to inner failure to live according to divine precepts.
  2. What we say is critical once again. “Have mercy on me, Lord, Son of David.”
  3. “Then Jesus responded and said to her, “O woman, your faith is terrific; let it be done to your exactly as you want.”

Conclusion: In the first part of chapter 15, Jesus broke decisively with a whole section of Hebrew Scripture, laying down a new (very difficult) law. In the next section, he breaks with tradition again, opening up salvation and healing to all who call upon his name.