Matthew 17:9-27

Adult Christian Education

Rev. Christopher T. Metropulos

Matthew 17:9-27

November 23, 2014

pgs.’ 49-50


  1. The Descent from the Mountain and healing of the Demonic Child
  2. Takes place after Transfiguration on Mt. Tabor. It is good for us to be here.
  3. Request of the Demoniac’s father.
  4. Jesus’s response to the father’s lack of faith- its meaning for him and us.
  5. Disciples lack of faith- not being able to perform the miracle.
  6. Faith of a mustard seed.
  7. Jesus Suffering- the imminent delivery of Christ to be crucified.
  8. Jesus pays the Temple Tax.
  9. Does not your Teacher pay the temple tax?
  10. From whom do the kings of the earth receive custom or poll tax- from their sons or from others? From others. Then the sons are free.