Matthew 2:1-8; 2:9-12; 2:13-18

Adult Study Class

The Gospel of Matthew

Matthew 2:1-8, 2:9-12, 2:13-18

Rev. Dr. Christopher T. Metropulos

Things you should know:

A. Visit of the MagiMt 2: 1-8

Magi were originally members of the  Persian priestly class skilled in ancient science such as astrology. Venerable men seekers after eternal life and universal truth.

Dwelt in the east, supposedly three but actual number not known.

B. Star of Bethlehem Mt 2:9-12

Great star seen in the sky- alignment of planets in 7 BC Saturn and Jupiter joined a year later by Mars.

Herod, Christ Birth, insecurity of ruler.  Herod tried to use Magi to find Jesus Christ the child.

When the magi saw the star, they knew that their goal was at hand and they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy.

Came into the presence of the Christ child and His Mother and fell down to worship him.

Mystical Significance of Gifts:

  • Gold- sign of Christ’s royalty
  • Frankincense- evidence of His deity
  • Myrrh- sign of His saving birth

In the Magi, God reveals His love for the Gentiles, allowing them to hear His voice, using such methods of revelation as they would listen.

Adoration a royal homage

 C.Flight to Egypt Mt 2:13-18

Arise and the child and His mother flee to Egypt for Herod’s about to seek for the child to destroy Him.

God knows us and protects us even warns us what is good or bad-

Question are we listening?

Fulfillment of prophecy – Hosea 11:1

“From Egypt I have called My Son”

Herod is mocked by the Magi becomes indignant and slaughters children under 5. This caused people to all the more follow Him.

Death of innocent – 14,000 Infants in Bethlehem.