Matthew 4:23-25; 5:1-12

Adult Study Class

Gospel of Matthew

Matthew 4:23-25; 5:1-12

Rev. Christopher T. Metropulos

 Summary of Jesus’ Ministry – Pg. 12

  1. Jesus ministers to the crowds:
    1. Matthew’s report of Jesus Christ astounding success finding a welcome everywhere.
    2. Healing every disease and malady among the people – no affliction beyond his reach.  No wonder so many followed him.

The Beatitudes: The Blessing of True Disciples – pg. 12

 1st  Discourse – The Sermon on the Mount

    1. A God spoke from the Mountain in Moses’ time so now He speaks from the mountain with Christ.  He was expounded the truth!
    2. Beatitudes stand at the head of the Sermon on the Mount.
    3. Beatitudes are Christ’s promise to the disciples.
    4. Despised state of His disciples form the background to the Beatitudes.  Christ’s followers were despised by the Pharisees.  They denounce the followers of Jesus Christ as hapless and pathetic of men.
    5. Christ therefore counters this saying – those who have chosen to follow Him are blesses (Gr. Makarios)
    6. Meaningful and ninefold description of His true followers.  Indication of the reversal of their current position to one of Glory in the Kingdom.
    7. They are not commendations for certain virtues or state of mind.
    8. Blessed are the ___________________ for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven

Poor in spirit

Those who mourn

The meek, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness

The merciful

The peace makers

Those who have been persecuted

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