Matthew 5:13-20

Adult Bible Study Class

Study Guide

Rev. Christopher T. Metropulos

November 3, 2013

Matthew 5:13-20

 1.    You are the salt of the earth

Just as salt that loses its savor becomes insipid and useless, so the disciples who become foolish is also useless.

 2.    You are the light of the world

A city atop a mountain is not able to be hidden, let your light shine before men.

 3.    Christ and the Law

Matthew is concerned to show to his Jewish audience how Christ’s interpretation of the Law though different from that of the Pharisee’s, nonetheless fulfills the inner and the true demands of God’s Law.

 4.    Where heaven and earth remain, God’s Word will abide

 Christ is saying that the Scriptures are authoritative and divine down to the least part of each letter. 

 5.    Following and not following the teachings of Christ

Being called least in the Kingdom.

Being called great in the Kingdom.