Matthew 5:21–26

The Gospel of Matthew

Session 10 – 11/10/2013

Fr. John Codis

 5:21 – 26 The First Example of the New Spirit

Anger and Reconciliation


Opening thoughts and basis for discussion

This section of the teachings of Jesus is one of the most important in the whole New Testament.  In it we see the authority Jesus speaks with.  This authority is one that no other man had ever dreamed of assuming.

One must also understand the importance the Law of Moses had in this time period and how its very overturn or rather fulfillment was completed by Jesus and His authority.

Jesus took the highest wisdom of men and corrected it, because he was who he was, the Son of God.

The New Standard

Startling, as was Jesus’ accent of authority, the standard, which he put before men, was more startling yet.

It was not only he who made the action of murder or adultery but also he who thought about it was equally as guilty.

Christ’s teaching is that thoughts are just as important as deeds.  He is intensely concerned not solely on a man’s deeds as is the worlds view, but more so on a man’s thoughts.

  1. The Forbidden Anger

Jesus tells us that although the law says, “You shall not kill,” the act of killing is not the only thing that is forbidden, but the thought itself, anger itself is forbidden.

Having hard feelings against someone is just as bad, and most times, worse than the action.

  1. Words of Insult

Fool or Rica or περιφρόνηση is a sin that is liable to even a more sever judgment.  Not only are a man’s outward actions under judgment but also his inner thoughts are as well.

“Anyone who reviles and insults, dissolves love; and when love is dissolved, all virtues are destroyed along with it.”  Just as when love is present it unites to itself all the virtues.  Therefore he who hurls insults tears love apart and ought to be thrown into the fire.

Work Towards Reconciliation

“If you want happiness in time, and happiness in eternity, never leave an unreconciled quarrel or a­­n unhealed breach between yourself and your brother man.  Act immediately to remove the barriers which anger has raised.