Matthew 6:1-8

The Gospel of Matthew

Session 12 – 12/1/2013

Fr. Chris Metropulos


Piety:   Elements as described by Christ

Common theme- do everything for the glory of God and not to be seen by men

  1. Almsgiving- do not sound the trumpets to be glorified by men. Your reward is known in Heaven to God
  2. Left hand – right hand ( remaining unaware)

2.Prayer- in a storeroom or quiet place to concentrate on God

b. Use words of praise and prayer given and do not babble. The true God does not need to be cajoled by eloquence.


  1. Since egotism and virtue are directly opposed to each other, they can never happily coexist in the soul (origen). As fire and water cannot coexist.
  2. “Alms may be given to be seen or not seen depending upon inward intent.”

John Chrysostom

    1. “You who have offered nothing to God, what do you expect in return from God? Everything done on account of God is given to God and received by God”