Matthew 6:16-34

The Gospel of Matthew

Session14 – 12/15/2013

Rev. Christopher T. Metropulos

   Matthew 6:16-34


  1. Final example of righteous practices- focus on fasting
  2. No gloominess- well groomed
  3. Do not cover your face so as to be seen by men that you are fasting
  4. Anointing and washing
  5. Put things into priority


This allows the fasting to be seen in Heaven by our heavenly Father.


  1. Trust in God, not Wealth
  2. Do not build up treasures only on earth where moth and rust make riches disappear


  1. Lamp of the body is the eyes
  2. Sound, healthy, sincere, single hearted
  3. Evil eyes is the opposite


  1. Serving two master- problem for everyone
  2. God
  3. Mammon- getting it, preserving it, multiplying it


  1. Put your life into perspective
  2. Worry about body
  3. Worry about life


Issues of the day: health, clothing, shoes, suits, dresses, etc.

Solomon in all his glory did not clothe himself like one of those lilies of the field.