Matthew 7:1-12

The Gospel of Matthew

Session 15 – 12/22/2013

Fr. John Codis

Matt 7:1-12: On Judging; God’s Answering of Prayer 

Opening thoughts and basis for discussion

How easy is it for us to judge?  Much easier when we are bias towards one party vs. the other.

Are we ourselves the Holy People of God?  Do we strive to make ourselves holy, move away from evil, so that we are not the dogs and swine which the Holy Gifts are given to?

How often are we discouraged because we think that God has not heard our prayer?

The Error of Judgment

People may seem unlovely simply because we do not know the whole person.  We are not to look simply for the superficial unlikeliness of a person but to look for their underlying beauty. 

Man cannot be an impartial judge because we are swayed again and again by instinctive and unreasoning reactions to people.   Only God can judge.

The world is full of people who claim the right to criticize by words, and yet feel totally exempt from action.

“Preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” St. Frances of Assisi .

“The holy gifts for the holy people of God.”

It is within the context of the Eucharist that we are given the full understanding of Matt 7:6.  “We should not give that which is holy to dogs.”

The church is willing to give the message that is Christ, but if we are not willing to receive it, to align our wills with the will of God, become His disciples, then how can we take offence and misconstrue that this verse is in fact not a statement of exclusiveness but a statement of practical difficulty of communication.

God will never refuse our prayers, and God will never mock our prayers

God is a father to us all who will never hate his children.  He will never trick us nor avoid us.   He is always quick and ready to hear.

God will always answer our prayers in his way, in wisdom and love; and we must bring to God an undiscouraged life of prayer.