Matthew 8:18-34

The Gospel of Matthew

Session 18 – 1/19/2014

Fr. John Codis

Matt 8:18-34; Unconditional Loyalty; A storm Calmed; The Gergesene Demoniacs


The way to glory always involves a cross

The miracle that can be seen in Matt 8-22 is the miracle of the impact of the personality of Jesus on men.  This is a story about the impact of the personality of Jesus on the life of a Jewish scribe.

Christ responds to the scribe saying before you follow me think what you are doing.  Before you follow me count the cost.  He is asking are you ready to sacrifice everything for me?

Do we allow Christ’s personality to impact our lives?

“Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead”

Jesus was saying to this man in Matt 8:22 is: “You are feeling at the moment that you must get out of that dead society in which you move; you say you will get out when the years have passed and your father has died; get out now – or you will never get out at all.”

We need to seize the moment that Christ gives us to the benefit of His gospel and the salvation of all.

The presence of Christ brings peace

Matt 23-27 brings to mind that with Christ peace exists that no storm could ever take away.  No matter whatever storms of life shake our souls Jesus is there, and in his presence the raging of the storm turns to peace.

Authority of Christ has over daemons

The demoniacs ran to Jesus (Mt 8:28), and the demons protested his coming to torture them (compare Test. Sol. 5:5). Jesus’ presence also reduced them to say, “if you cast us out, send us away into the heard of swine.” Yet in contrast to demons, many people remain unaware of Jesus as Lord and Judge.

How is it that the daemons know who Christ is?  Shouldn’t we as well??  Man being made in His image?

This affects our lives because it requires us to make an effort and change our daily routine.