Matthew 8:5 – 17

The Gospel of Matthew

Session 17 – 1/12/2014

Fr. John Codis

Matt 8:5 – 17:  The Centurion’s Servant Healed; Fulfilling Prophecy: Healings and Exorcisms


Opening thoughts and basis for discussion

Jesus spoke the word and the servant of the centurion was healed.  The Jew had to learn that the Passport to God’s presence is not membership of any nation; it is of faith.

How do we use the gifts of Christ?

The gifts which we receive from God should be used as service to him and to others.  A selfless giving/sacrifice is our calling.

The Centurion and his Servant

The attitude of the centurion is of great importance.   We see that he was grieve that his servant was ill and was determined to do everything in his power to save him.

Is our attitude like the centurions?  Do we go out of our way for each other or do we look with a blind eye?

Christ is the God of all humankind not only the Jews but also the Gentiles.

The Gifts from God

Christ is never too tired to help those in need.  He does not loose himself in our humanity but uses it as strength to free us. 

The gift he gave Peter’s mother, health, was returned back to Christ as she immediately tended to their needs.

As demands come into our lives and require much of us we must not forget and lose sight that strength also comes.