Matthew 9:27-31

The Gospel of Matthew

Session 20 – 2/2/2014

Fr. John Codis

Matt 9:27-31; Faith’s Test and Faith’s Reward, The Two Reactions


Son of David have mercy on us! 

We hear this phrase used many times in the gospels.  It is noteworthy to mention that this phrase is always used by crows or by people who knew Jesus only at a distance.

Their cry was to the one who would restore their freedom and to lead them to power, glory, and greatness.

Christ response was to test the blind men’s faith and to make sure they knew what they were doing and asking for.  He had to be sure that these men sincerely and earnestly desired the healing he could give.

Christ compelled these men to face him alone, apart from the crowd where their thoughts and feelings would be their own.

The two reactions

We have two reactions one from the crowds which was ‘amazed wonder’ and that from the Pharisees, ‘virulent hatred.’ 

The man with a sense of need will always see wonders in Christ, the man who is so set in his ways tat he will not change, the man who is so proud in his self-righteousness that he cannot submit the man who is so blinded by his prejudices that he cannot see, will always resent and hate and seek to eliminate him.

The Threefold Work

Here in one sentence we see the threefold activity which was the essence of the life of Jesus.

  1. Jesus was the herald
  2. Jesus was teacher
  3. Jesus was healer

The harvest is great, but the workers are few

The Pharisees in their pride looked for the destruction of sinners; Jesus in love died for the salvation of sinners.

If the harvest of men is ever to be reaped, then everyone of us must be a reaper, for the is someone whom each one of us could – and must  – bring to God.