Our Dance Program

St. Demetrios offers students from kindergarten through high school age the opportunity to learn about the culture and regions of Greece through dance and songs. Our program is broken down into four groups: Junior Palazakia – kindergarten – second grade, Palazakia – third grade through fifth grade, Senior Palazakia – sixth grade through eighth grade, and Kamaria – high school. We also have two very strong HDF (Hellenic Dance Festival) groups who train on a vigorous schedule and take part in the annual HDF competition with other dancers from the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta. We hope you will consider helping to support our dancers as we prepare to compete each January.

Our dedicated teaching staff instructs our dancers each Sunday from 12:30-4:00pm, depending on their group. We also have an annually elected Dance Advisory Committee consisting of parents and grandparents of our dancers who ensure that all of our programs run smoothly. The time and talents shared by our dancers, their families, and our instructors culminates in our annual St. Demetrios Greek Festival where we’re able to showcase the hard work and dedication of our dancers.


By-Laws of The Dance Advisory Committee

Dance Advisory Committee Application and Nomination
If you wish to participate on the Dance Advisory Committee please read the information provided which includes the duties and responsibilities of the position. Please fill out the form and one of the committee members will be in contact with you.

DAC Exhibition Performance Request Form
This document is given to a group or organization or individual to fill out when on requests the youth of St. Demetrios to perform for a group or organization or event not associated with St. Demetrios. Once filled out this document must be turned into DAC.

DAC Exhibition Performance Request Form Check List
This document is used by Education Youth and Culture Committee, Dance Advisory Committee, the Church office, and Fr. Chris as an aid through the approval process.

EYCC Performer Release & Waiver
This document must be filled out with the youth registration packet for all youth ministries. It gives St. Demetrios the right to use any material recorded from the events the person(s) participated in. Participants, advisors and dancers who are not minors, 18 years or older should fill out this document as well.

EYCC Individual Permission Participation & Waiver Form
This form is to be filled out for every youth that wishes to participate in any event. By filling this form St. Demetrios is given consent and authority to obtain medical care and treatment for any and all injuries sustained as a result of participation in said activity/activities.

You can gain Youth Stewardship credits by participating in our Dance Program just visit our Youth Stewardship page.




Based on Metropolis policy, we would like to share our EYCC Dance Attendance Policy.

All youth are required to attend Divine Liturgy and Sunday School each Sunday in order to attend Dance or HDF Practices for that particular Sunday.

Festival Practice: All Dancers must have a minimum of 65% attendance in practices to dance at our annual festival. (Other area Greek Orthodox Churches maintain this requirement, too.)

HDF Competition: Dancers may have no more than a maximum of 3 absences in order to take part on the HDF Team.

Circumstances may arise, such as illness or crisis, which make it difficult for a participant to meet minimum participation goals. Anyone having such difficulty is asked to speak directly with an EYCC Advisor, or Father Peter.

Youth who attend another church with a parent may see an EYCC member for a documentation form.