The Education, Youth and Culture Committee (EYCC) was initially established by His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios of Atlanta to upgrade the Youth Ministry Programs for our youth which bring them closer to our faith as Orthodox Christians.  For that purpose, we began a new and exciting journey in 2009.  The EYCC is comprised of a board that together with Father Rev. Dr. James Katinas provide oversight of all Youth Ministries, the volunteer teachers and advisors who work with our youth.  The board members are:

Paula Kirifides– EYCC Chair

Anastasia K. Merkel – EYCC Past Chair & Parish Council Liaison

Dr. Stavroula Christodoulou

The EYCC and the youth program leaders embarked on a new approach to the content and delivery of the Youth Ministries, which include:

Sunday School – Susan Selimos, Principal

Greek School Program – Dr. Stavroula Christodoulou, Principal

Greek Dance – Erin Ryan, President of the Dance Advisory Committee (DAC)

                            Lilian Vlandi, Director

Greek Orthodox Youth of America (GOYA) – George Stratoudakis, Director

HOPE/JOY- Jamie Makris and Alexandra Zaden, Co-Directors

Youth Stewardship – Anastasia K. Merkel, Director

The format and content of our youth programs were revised to bring new energy to the programs with more contemporary themes and integration of the various ministries. The programs meet on Sundays following Divine Liturgy and throughout the week. We keep striving to improve our Youth Ministries at all times. The increase in student attendance is evidence that our new approaches are working. We invite you to check out the links below for specific information pertaining to each Ministry.

Yours in Christ,

Paula Kirifides, EYCC Chair