Saint Demetrios G.O.Y.A.


All officers, advisors and associates of the Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Youth Association by accepting this office and role have also accepted a responsibility to uphold the highest moral standing as recognized by the Greek Orthodox Church, in all action, word or deed made by them from this day forward. They will at all time be aware of their representation of Saint Demetrios GOYA, it’s members, the Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox community and of themselves as leaders of this organization.

Any action, word or deed made by an officer, advisor or associate contrary to the above, shall result in a specific course of action as deemed appropriate by Father Christopher Metropulos and the advisors.

In acceptance of the role as officer or advisor a statement of leadership has been declared with a focus on responsibility as individuals and as a group. Pursuit of the successful completion of each program, function and service performed by Saint Demetrios Goya is your goal. Dedication to this success is the example set for the general Goya membership and for the Saint Demetrios community to witness and to follow as well.

You set the standards. You are the role models. You make the difference for the Saint Demetrios Goya to achieve its highest potential in Fellowship, Witness, Liturgy and Service. Always remember, Saint Demetrios Goya is:


Friends Forever, Orthodox for Life


In the following proposal, all references to “advisors” include the six (6) appointed advisors, Father Chris Metropulos, unless otherwise specified.


GOYA Officer Roles:


The President presides at all meetings. The President creates an agenda with the other members of the board utilizing input from the Parish Priest and Advisors. The President should communicate regularly with the Advisors and the Parish Priest. The President should participate in the planning of events with any committees that are chaired. The President will attend and represent our church at the State Meetings.

Vice President 

The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of that officer to serve. The Vice President shall assist the President when called upon. They shall attend the State Meetings when the President cannot.


The Treasurer receives all money of the organization and is responsible of maintaining accurate record of receipt of money for each event. He/she is responsible, along with an Advisor, for the deposition the money in the Saint Demetrios GOYA bank account and for providing financial reports at meetings.

Recording Secretary 

The Recording Secretary shall take minutes and record all business transacted at each meeting making sure that the minutes are complete. These minutes should be emailed to the appropriate participants. Board meeting minutes should be emailed to the board, the Parish Priest and the Advisors. General meeting minutes will be emailed to all GOYA participants. The Recording Secretary shall attend the State Meeting when the President or Vice President cannot.

Corresponding Secretary 

The Corresponding Secretary will be responsible for reading all mail received for the GOYA. They will also be responsible for sending thank you cards, birthday cards, get well cards, Christmas cards etc. and any other form of written communication as required by the President and GOYA members.


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