We have a unique opportunity within the church to offer our children an environment that can bring the joy, hope and salvation in Jesus Chris to each of them. This year we are making a greater effort to take a more holistic approach to our youth ministries by putting greater emphasis on the fact that as members of the Church we are bound by Christ’s Gospel and are not separated by event, groups or scholastic classes. Therefore, we have standardized our expectations and energies to work as a youth team to bring the best we have to the children.

We understand the difficulties that children have in society and the energy that they possess; sometimes causing them to push the envelope of behavior and at times respect. In order to maintain an environment that is both safe and enjoyable we established an umbrella Uniform Code of Conduct. We must always remember:

  1. We represent our Holy Orthodox Church wherever we go.
  2. We represent Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church wherever we go.
  3. The actions of one affect the entire group.
  4. Our advisors have not volunteered to serve as disciplinarians.

Before your child is permitted to register for any group you must acknowledge the following procedure that will be in effect in the event of a behavior situation:

The purpose of all our programs is the salvation of our souls. Therefore discipline is not intended to be punitive, but rather instructive and corrective.

  1. First incident

After the first infraction of the enclosed code of conduct, your child will be immediately removed from that event and sent home. You, as parent, will be required to pick him/her up from whatever location we happen to be at. Prior to the next activity, class or meeting, a discussion of the behavior must take place between the youngster, his/her parents, the Pastor and the appropriate teacher or advisor.

  1. Second incident

After the second infraction of the enclosed code of conduct, your child will be permitted to participate only if one of his/her parents can be present. There will be no exceptions to this rule. The family may not designate an “alternate” parent who happens to be at an event.

  1. Third incident

After the third infraction of the enclosed code of conduct, the young person will not be permitted to participate in extra-curricular activities for the remainder of the year. While this may seem harsh to some, as leaders, we must protect the rights of the other young people to enjoy their activity without the constant interruption of misbehaving youngsters.


Code of Conduct for Students
As a member of our Church enrolled in the Youth Ministry Programs



  1. At all times, I will conduct myself as a Greek Orthodox Christian.
  2. I will be an active sacramental member of the Greek Orthodox Church.
  3. I will attend all classes, meetings and dance practice sessions as long as I am in good health.
  4. I will show compassion and love for my brothers and sisters in Christ
  5. I will honor and respect my priest, parents, teachers, advisors and fellow parishioners.
  6. I will abide by the decisions of the parish clergy.
  7. I will abide by the decisions of the Parish Priest, teacher or advisor of St. Demetrios.
  8. I will give my time and talents for the good of the Church.
  9. Vulgarity and profanity in any form will not be tolerated.
  10. The use of controlled substances will not be tolerated.
  11. The use of cigarettes will not be tolerated.
  12. Threatening, aggressive or intimidating behavior will not be tolerated.
  13. The possession of guns, knives or any type of weapon is not permitted on church property or during any activities related to church. This includes anything that is deemed dangerous. (This is at the discretion of the Church.)
  14. Lewd and/or sexual comments or behavior in any form will not be tolerated.
  15. I will dress for all church activities as deemed appropriate by the priest and church authorities.


Important Note to read carefully:


If you do not comply, there are specific sanctions that could be imposed {please refer to First incident, Second incident, Third incident on the first page of the Code}.  Our goal is not to punish but to teach that by registering for the Youth Ministries Programs you have given your WORD OF HONOR that you will abide by the Youth Ministries rules.

Our commitment to you:

The Spiritual leaders, teachers and Advisory Team of St. Demetrios are committed to:

  1. lead the children into experiencing the Holy Orthodox Faith by promoting a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and by encouraging them to be active Sacramental members of the living Church.
  2. cultivate and educate our young people in order to become viable members of the Body of Christ.
  3. implement a ministry which will reflect the Orthodox Faith, Tradition and Life through worship (liturgia), fellowship (koinonia), service (diakonia) and witness (martyria).

Parents, with your help we can offer something unique to our Children in a church environment. Please discuss the Code of Conduct with your child. We also ask that you make every attempt to bring your children to church and to their various events on time.



EYCC (Youth, Education & Culture Committee)