1. The Youth Stewardship Participation Log is similar to the Student Volunteer Service Program Log used by South Florida Public High Schools. 
  2. Our youth ages 12 and in 7th grade through 18 years participating in the Youth Stewardship program will keep a log of specific activities, outlined below, as they serve as stewards of our community.  All log entries are subject to verification.
  3. Teachers and advisors will take attendance for class and event activities and this information will be counted toward each student’s stewardship.
  4. Students DO NOT get signatures for attending Sunday school, Language and Culture, Dance or GOYA classes and events, however it is advised that students check with the teacher and advisor to ensure the attendance count is accurate.
  5. Students are required to enter the following activities in their log sheet and acquire a signature:
    • Participation in the Divine Liturgy or any service in any church.  Parish council members on duty on any given Sunday may sign for church attendance for youth arriving prior to Holy Communion. 
    • Service in the altar or choir in any church.  Acquire the signature of the priest or choir member.
    • Fellowship activities that ARE NOT organized by St Demetrios GOYA.  Students must acquire signatures from teachers or advisors for participation in events outside of these regularly scheduled classes. Find the person in charge of the activity and have them sign off your log sheet.
    • Any festival volunteer work must be logged with a signature from the Festival Volunteer Chairperson.
  6. Participants are responsible for submitting this form to the church office or into one of the colorful stewardship mailboxes each Sunday.
  7. It is the participant’s responsibility to make a copy of the log before it is submitted for his/her records, and to pick up a new form from the Church Narthex, Church Office or from any of the youth program classes each week.
  8. When entering an activity you participated in on your log sheet, please use the name of the project/activity as it appears below. The list of projects/activities for each category identified as Spiritual, Service and Fellowship include but are not limited to the following:

Participants have a responsibility to take part in each of the following:

  1. Divine Liturgy (Min 50% attendance & Log entry)
  2. Sunday School (Minimum 50% attendance)
  3. Oratorical – (Written work required)

In addition to the above, participants have a responsibility to take part in at least 4 of the following.  Each requires a log entry and signature:

  1. Orthos
  2. Altar
  3. Sunday School Extra curricular activities
  4. Epiphany Service District
  5. Lenten Retreat
  6. Palm Sunday
  7. Pascha
  8. Weekday service
  9. St. Stephen’s Camp
  10. Ionian Village
  11. Holy Confession
  12. Choir

Participants have a responsibility to take part in Greek Language & Culture class (Minimum 50% attendance) and to participate in

at least 7 of activities offered:

  1. Festival volunteer/dancer
  2. Festival Set-up/Breakdown
  3. Sunday School Christmas Program
  4. HDF Dance Group
  5. Dance Group (Minimum 50% attendance)
  6. St Demetrios Feast Day Celebration
  7. Church Grounds Beautification
  8. Loukoumades Sunday
  9. Raffle sales
  10. Car Wash
  11. Coffee hour
  12. Philoptochos event volunteer
  13. St. Demetrios Christmas Gala/Auction
  14. Caroling
  15. Greek Independence Day Program
  16. Volunteering for church/community/school related events – please specify capacity, event and the organization.

Participants have a responsibility to take part in at least 6 of activities offered:

  1. Festival for our church or sister churches
  2. St. Demetrios Family Night
  3. St. Stephen’s Camp
  4. Ionian Village
  5. Sunday School Social Events
  6. Lenten Retreat
  7. St. Demetrios Feast Day Celebration
  8. GOYA Olympics
  9. Epiphany Celebration
  10. HDF Workshop/Dance
  11. GOYA Survivor Weekend
  12. Greek Independence Day Parade
  13. Participation in local and district events to include but not limited to retreats, sports and social events – please specify capacity, event and the organization.