MISSION STATEMENT:  To strengthen the relationship of our youth with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by helping them identify their role and responsibility as stewards of our church and faith as they integrate Spiritual, Service and Fellowship elements into their everyday Orthodox Christian Life.


      1. Our youth are also students in South Florida.  As such, they are responsible for participating in community service projects/activities in order to qualify for certain privileges and rewards offered by their high school.
      2. With this in mind, our young people are also stewards of our Church and faith.  As such, they are responsible for participating in projects/activities that are spiritual, service and fellowship in nature, in order to qualify for privileges and rewards offered by our church and youth programs.
      3. The spiritual, service and fellowship categories have a list of activities/projects listed under them that are offered to our youth throughout the year.
      4. Every participant from age 12 and in 7th grade through age 18 years is responsible to make every effort to take part in these projects/activities as often as he/ she can and to at the very least, meet the minimum participation goals that are identified.
      5. Under the Spiritual category, participants are responsible for:
        • Taking part in at least 4 projects/activities.
        • Participating in the Divine Liturgy, Sunday School and Greek Language & Culture class at least 2 Sundays per month. More is better!
        • Participating in the Saint John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival.
      6. Under the Service category participants are responsible for taking part in at least 7 of activities.
      7. Under the Fellowship category participants are responsible for taking part in at least 6 of activities.
      8. Circumstances may arise that make it difficult for a participant to meet the minimum participation goals.  Anyone having difficulty is asked to please speak with an advisor or Father Chris or Father John.  Our goal is to help our youth in any way we can!
      9. These programs are designed to meet our promise to our youth as defined in our mission statement.  They are designed to strengthen their relationship with our Lord and to help them with their spiritual journey as stewards of our church and faith.
      10. Please contact Anna Merkel at akmerkel@me.com with any questions regarding this program.


      1. Each youth and Church activity has a variety of privileges and rewards that will be granted to participants based on his/her participation in the projects/activities outlined in this stewardship program.  Privileges and rewards may include but are not limited to the following:
        1. Earn a financial reward to help pay for a GOYA trip, district event or church event.
        2. The level of participation in the stewardship program may assist in earning a scholarship for school.
        3. Earn the privilege to dance in a performance or possible to wear a special costume for a performance or to lead in a performance.
        4. Participants earn the privilege to take part in major youth programs to include but not limited to the following:
          1. Archangel Michael Award
          2. GOYA end of year trip
          3. District & local GOYA Special Events
          4. HDF
          5. St. Demetrios Festival Performance
      2. As the program evolves, additional privileges and rewards will be identified and notification of these will be distributed to participants and their family.


Please look at these following links for information on how to keep your Youth Stewardship Log along with the appropriate form which will be used to keep track of volunteer activities.

Youth Stewardship Log

Youth Stewardship Form PDF