Welcome! The clergy and staff of St. Demetrios is dedicated to serving its community through the faith and love of Christ.

Archimandrite Andrew Mahalares

Archimandrite Andrew Mahalares


Father Andrew is a graduate of Hellenic College/Holy Cross Graduate School of Theology. He was ordained as a deacon on January 28th by Archbishop Iakovos at Holy Cross Chapel at the Seminary, and as a priest by Bishop Demetrios of Olympos at the Transfiguration Church in Lowell, Massachusetts on August 6th.

He was a married priest until his beloved Presvytera Alva passed away on October 25, in 2003 at 51 years old.

They have two daughters, Vicki and Sarah, both married and also 9 grandchildren.

From time to time, during worship, you will see Father Andrew wearing the hat with a veil. He was elevated to the dignity of Archimandrite in May of 2010, (since he was widowed) while serving for ten years as Dean and pastor of Saint George Cathedral in Manchester, NH.

He arrived in Florida on November 30, 2016 and has served many parishes in Southeastern Florida since January of 2017 until his assignment to Saint Demetrios on June 1, 2018.

Very Rev.Fr. Andrew Mahalares


Mrs. Kiki Sergiou

Kiki, as Office Manager/Director, keeps this Saint Demetrios ship afloat by doing just about everything that has to do with the office: mailings, calls, bulletins, the stewardship database, and interfacing with the parishioners, the priest, the parish council, ladies groups, youth and dance groups, the Greek School, the Sunday School staff, chanters, custodian, etc., etc., etc.

e-mail: Kiki@stdemetrios.org