Paschal message – Metropolitan Alexios

“We were put to death together with Him,

that we might be cleansed; we rose again with Him

because we were put to death with Him;

we were glorified with Him,

because we rose again with Him .”

– St. Gregory the Theologian


My dear Metropolis of Atlanta family,

With great joy in my heart, I join you in prayerful anticipation of our Lord’s Passion and glorious Resurrection and extend my paternal blessings and love, with best wishes for a joyous and blessed Holy Pascha.

The heart of our Faith is the truth revealed to us on Great and Holy Pascha : our salvation has been secured. Let us rejoice together and be glad beca use Ulis holy day of Resurrection is the day of victory, as our faith and hope are renewed. Christ has indeed destroyed death and the power of the devil, and granted us life everlasting.

On this Holy Day of Holy Days, we are awed by the great love and tender mercy of our God, Who gave Himself up to suff ering and death for our sake. Through His Passion and Resurrection, we are truly “born again” into a new life, the life of His Holy Resurrection. Let us come together with joy and thanksgiving to ce.lebrate this glorious Feast, the day the Lord has made to redeem us.

May the blessings of the Lord be with you always and may you walk in peace and love in the new light of His Resurrection! Wishlng you and your loved ones KaXo ITaoxa,I pray erfully remain,

With paternal blessings and with much love in our Risen Lord,


Metropolitan of Atlanta


Pascha Message 2015