Why is this My Church?

Dear Beloved in Christ,

This past Sunday we unveiled the Phase II Iconography and Hall Renovation project to the amazement and approval of hundreds of faithful who were in Church. As a reminder of that presentation we are sending out this email with a video link on You Tube for you to watch as well as the documents outlining the program. Feel free to share this email with those you love and who have at one time or another had a connection to St. Demetrios Church.

This is our time to build upon the work of our forefathers by completing the iconography in our Church and then simultaneously finishing the much needed upgrade to our hall. A portion of the donation you make for the icon of your choice will go to pay for the renovation and thus we will prepare the Church for her consecration in four years and celebrate the event in our newly much needed renovated hall. In the Fact Sheet that is attached you will see each of the items identified by a letter of the alphabet so you can coordinate your gift with the renderings that will now be displayed in the Church. If you have any questions just ask one of the clergy or any member of the parish council for direction.

Please watch the video which is the first of four to be produced to learn more about the program. As the videos are produced you will learn more from those who were around when the parish was founded as well as learn why people are saying, “This is my Church what is it to you?”



Once you have discussed the project with your family, pray and then select one of the giving opportunities so that you can participate in this once in a life time event. The giving opportunities range from as little as $500 given over a three year period to as much as $45,000. Then send in your card with your first payment or the entire amount which ever you select. You can also make your donation utilizing a number of options using your credit card. If you have any questions just call us. You may wish to make your donation in honor of or in memory of someone. Just make sure you make note of that in your Giving Card response. Please be aware that this project is in addition to our stewardship commitments that each and every one us make each year. We ask that you continue to give your stewardship at its current level during the project. We are so excited about this much awaited project.

We have already received eight specific donations of icons in honor of their loved ones. If everyone participates and all items are donated then we can finish our task. Let’s keep the excitement going.

God bless you,

Fr. Christopher Metropulos

Chris Nichols