Sunday School in December

We discovered that the monks and nuns who make prayer ropes have an intricate task.  On October 27 all the classes made prayer ropes and learned about the Jesus Prayer.  Father John reinforced the lesson with a Children’s Sermon about prayer.  The younger children used beads to make their prayer ropes and the middle and high school students learned to tie the traditional knots.  By now your children should have incense, a prayer rope and a copy of the Jesus prayer to help then with their own rule of prayer.  As a family, you may want to use these items to cense your home and pray together on Saturday evenings.

Make plans to attend and enjoy the Christmas Pageant on December 20.  The parish council will offer a supper, the children will present a lively new production of the Nativity Story and Sunday school parents will offer dessert. All children are expected to participate in the Pageant and some of the children have speaking parts.

It’s not too soon to think ahead to the St. John Oratorical Festival.  We will begin preparations in January.  This year the Festival has added categories for poetry and written essays, so all children in grades 3-12 will participate in one of our three Festival dates. Go to the Archdiocese website to take a peak that these topics.

Please bring in a shoebox of stuff!!!  For more information view


Upcoming Dates

  • Pageant costume fitting and speaking parts practice, Nov. 24
  • No Sunday school, Thanksgiving break, Dec. 1
  • Pageant Practice, all students, Dec. 8, 15
  • Christmas Pageant and Family Night, December 20. For more information and the Script visit
  • Oratorical Festival Kick-Off, grades 7-12, January 19