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Weekly Sunday Bulletin – 11th Sunday of Matthew

Holy NapkinAugust 16, 2015
Translation of the Image of Our Lord and God and Savior, Jesus Christ
Parish Council on Duty George Georgakakis, Manny Daskos, Eleni Varvoutis, Michael Fossler, Marion Koliniatis.

Language & Culture in January

In the month of December, the students and their teachers continued to delve into the study of the Greek language. The children had a busy month rehearsing the Christmas Pageant under the auspices of Sunday School. The Community attended the play “Christmas Path” on Friday, December 20th and applauded the children for a wonderful performance. As we say in Greek “καμαρώσαμε τα παιδιά μας.”

The EYCC has accepted the Language and Culture Program proposal to organize a group of parishioners to help shepherd the children every Sunday from Sunday School to Language and Culture to Dance classes. This new group is called “Κηδεμόνες” [kithemo’nes] and is led by Mrs. Jamie Makris. The Kithemones will start their most needed activities in the new year. If anyone is interested in helping, please call Mrs. Pauline Loupasakis at the church office 954-467-1515.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Χαρούμενα Χριστούγεννα και Ευτυχισμένος ο Καινούργιος Χρονος!!!

Language and Culture in December

The Language and Culture Program celebrated OXI Day on October 25th. Following the Vesper services for the feast of Saint Demetrios, many members of our Community and several visitors from other churches attended a reception graciously offered by the Philoptochos Ladies Society in the large Hall. There, they listened to poetry recitation by two very young students and a lecture by Petros Tsingelis who gave a detailed and moving overview of the fateful events on October 28, 1940 and their aftermath.

Natalia Cerna, Xenya Currie, Nikita Legakis, Dimitri Selimos and Athena Tsingelis continue to practice the Prayer to the Theotokos and the Prayer to the Lord. We are looking forward to hear them offer these beautiful prayers during the Heretismoi in the Spring.

Grades 6-12 have been merged with the Adult Sunday class taught by Petros Tsingelis. This was done in order to expose the Junior High School and High School students to a series of lectures on the history of Greece that complement their studies in their daily schools. It has proved to be a welcome arrangement whereby mature students, some over 90 years old, became role models to the young ones, some of whom are just entering their teenage years. This is a testament that learning is a lifelong process and that different generations can and do share common interests.

Language & Culture in November

The Embassy of Greece in Washington, D.C. moved their Education Department to the Consulate of Greece in New York City. As a result of this move, they offered gratis a list of books to the Greek Schools in the United States. Malvina Protogerou Currie saw this invitation on the Internet and compiled a wish list for our Program. She called repeatedly the number on the website but she was unable to make contact with the Embassy personnel. Enter Fr. Christopher Metropulos. As soon as he heard of the difficulty at his monthly meeting with the teachers of the Program, he sent an email to Fr. Steven P. Zorzos, Dean of the Cathedral of Saint Sophia in Washington, D.C., asking for his help. Within hours, Fr. Steven contacted the office manager of his church who in turn spoke to the appropriate person at the Embassy. Two boxes of books and dictionaries arrived at Saint Demetrios within a few days!!! All we had to do was to pay the postage. Thank you Fr. Christopher!

Petros Tsingelis has prepared his part of the presentation for the OXI Day celebration and Malvina Protogerou Currie has videotaped the other part that features several of our students reenacting some of the events of that fateful day, October 28, 1940! The reenactment required that some children dress in costumes from Epirus and the Dance Youth Ministry graciously provided the costumes. We thank Erin Ryan, the Head of Dance and Maggie Barlow, curator of the Dance extensive and beautiful wardrobe. This was cooperation at its best for the benefit of our children.

Five children are learning to intone the Prayer to the Panagia and the Prayer to the Lord. They are: Natalia Cerna, Xenya Currie, Nikita Legakis, Dimitri Selimos and Athena Tsingelis. It is hoped that, God willing, they will delight the parishioners with their angelic voices during Lent.

Language & Culture off to a Great Start!

The Language and Culture Program resumed the teaching of the Greek language and the Culture in which it has flourished during the last three thousand years. Its eight classes are taught by George Bouras, Stavroula Christodoulou, Malvina Protogerou Currie, Irene Haralambis, Rosa Lembessis, Sophia Polikandriotis and Petros Tsingelis. Seven of these classes meet on Sunday from 12:30 to 1:30 pm and the eighth meets on Monday evening from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. We are delighted that sixty two children and eighteen adults registered despite the fact that all these classes are elective. We thank the Community of Saint Demetrios for this vote of confidence and we pledge to continue sharing with  the young and the “older” students our knowledge of one of the most influential languages in Human History and Culture.

This academic year we introduced the “Lunch and Learn” component of the Program. Upon entering the class, each child is provided with a light lunch consisting of a portion of spanakopita, a granola bar and water. Some children who have had no breakfast in the morning in anticipation of receiving Holy Communion find this fare inadequate. This is understandable, thus we request that their parents kindly supplement the lunch by packing a sandwich. Let us not lose sight of our goal which is to teach the children under optimal conditions and that is contingent upon the cooperation between the parents and the teachers.

We extend an open invitation to all parishioners to visit the classes and to offer their comments. Please direct any questions, worries, disagreements and any other comments to Stavroula Christodoulou who in turn will try to provide answers and/or redress complaints.

The Language and Culture Program is preparing a celebration of OXI DAY to be held in the large Hall on Friday October 25th following the Vespers for the feast of Saint Demetrios. Come and behold, “να καμαρώσετε,” our beautiful children as they sing, act and recite poetry. May they have a bright future guided by the tenets of Orthodox Christianity.

Please keep us in your prayers. Καλή Χρονιά!