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Sunday School in April

Oratorical Festivals

Three students spoke at the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival on February 23.  Owen Cockrell, Stavros Taschioglou, and Athena Tsingelis presented enlightening speeches in which they shared their understanding of different spiritual topics.  Stavros and Athena will represent St. Demetrios at the district Festival on April 5 at 1:00 p.m.  All are invited to come hear them and students from all over our district present speeches about Orthodoxy. 

Our elementary Oratorical Festival will be held during Sunday school on March 16.  Children in grades three through six have prepared speeches about what they have learned this year.  Our kindergarten class will also make presentations about Lent. 

­­Epistle Reading

Boys and girls in grades 5 through 12 are invited to take a turn reading the epistle.  Any child who would like to do this should tell his or her Sunday school teacher.  Teachers will arrange for one child each Sunday to read the epistle.


Girls in grades kindergarten through 6 are invited to participate as Myrophores during the procession on Holy Friday night.  Girls must wear white dresses that are at least knee length and have covered shoulders, and white shoes.  Parents should call or email Effie Vasil, 954-366-4413, evasil1031@aol.com.

Lenten Passports

Students in grades K through 10 are using the Lenten Passports to keep track of their church attendance during Great Lent and to learn about the various services that are offered each week.  When your children attend the week night services, help them locate their Passport and stickers in the baskets on the table outside the offices in the south narthex.  Sunday school teachers will also help them to update their Passports on Sunday.

­New Staff Member

We welcome our new pre-K teacher, Mrs. Joanna Heil.  Ms. Joanna comes to us with teaching experience at the Greek Orthodox Church in Clearwater.  She is a valuable addition to our staff.

Announcements – St. Mary of Egypt

[WSB Cover:http://stdemetrios.org/weekly-sunday-bulletin-st-mary-of-egypt, Liturgical:http://stdemetrios.org/liturgical-st-mary-of-egypt, Announcements:http://stdemetrios.org/announcements-st-mary-of-egypt]

Palm Sunday Luncheon

Please join us on Palm Sunday for a delicious fish luncheon in our community center. Lunch is hosted by the Goyans. $10. for adults. Join us for lunch and fellowship.

If you have placed an order for Easter Tsourekia, Eggs and Koulourakia. Please pick them up after church on Palm Sunday.

Youth Ministries Appreciation Day

The event will take place at the end of the church service this Sunday in the church.  All Youth Ministry Directors, teachers, advisers, and helpers will be honored. (There is no Sunday School this Sunday).

Youth Survey for 2013-2014

If you are a parent and have not received in an email the Youth Survey for 2013-2014, please pick up a copy in the south narthex.

Saturday of Lazarus Orthodox Jeopardy

Please join us on April 27at 9:30 am for Saturday of Lazarus liturgy followed by a light breakfast . Stay for fellowship and palm folding and a Lenten Retreat hosted by the Ladies of Philoptochos as we get ready for Palm Sunday. For more information visit our new website.

Holy Confession

The sacrament of Holy Confession will be offered after 6pm on the evenings of Sunday , April 28, Holy Monday, April 29 and Holy Tuesday, April 30. If you will like to make an appt. with Fr. Chris please call the church office.

Holy Thursday – Egg Dyeing

Philoptochos will be dyeing eggs in the church hall, on Holy Thursday, May 2 from 9am to 3pm. All parishioners are welcome to help. Please contact Dee Hopwood or Stavroula Christodoulou.

Good Friday – Myrofores

If your daughter is in grades 1-4 and is interested in being a myrofora (flower girl) for Good Friday, please call Effie Vasil at 954-773-5455 after 5pm.

Decorating of the Kouvouklion

All are welcome to help decorate on Holy Friday following the service of the Royal Hours.

Agape Vespers Gospel Readers

If you would like to read the Holy Gospel in any different language i.e. Spanish, French, Latin, German etc. please call the church office.