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Announcements – 4th Sunday of Matthew

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Loving Stitches

There will be a meeting on Tuesday, July 23rd at 11:30am for their monthly workshop.

Join our wonderful ladies, as you learn to knit, crochet and enjoy a delicious lunch.


We are looking for young professionals between the ages of 21-40, single or married to join our PAREA Group. If you are not part of the group join us! Fill out the form to receive email notifications about events and gatherings. If you have signed up for PAREA previously please do so again by using this form as we are updating our communication with all.

General Donation

For your convenience we have created a button in the left margin on the home page of our website. Simply click on the button when you wish to make a general donation. This does not take the place of stewardship. We will be offering online stewardship very soon.

Property to the South of the Church

We have wonderful news to share with all. Please take the time to read this very important letter which marks a milestone in our parish history.

Odyssey Scholarship Recipients

We are very proud of our youth who were the recipients of the Odyssey Scholarship.

Caitlin Hogan, Katie Merkel, Arielle Louvaris, Tony Foskolos, Lana Metropulos and Victoria Angelakos are now in Greece participating  in workshops while seeing the beautiful country.

40 day baby blessing

Bob and Gladys Vlahos are proud to present their son Leonidas for the traditional baby blessing.

Our Kids in Greece

The Odyssey Scholarship

The Odyssey Scholarship is a program in which a select group of young people who are active participants within the church as well as the Hellenic Dance Festival (HDF) program, who are granted scholarships which provide an opportunity to perform in Greece and participate in workshops while traveling throughout the country.

The objectives of the HDF Odyssey Scholarship program is as follows:

  1. To develop an awareness and appreciation for our Hellenic and Orthodox culture and tradition.
  2. To inspire our young people to embrace the concept that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.
  3. To establish the principles of this Diakonia utilizing the same spirit of Hellenism used during the original Olympic games.
  4. To be led by the comments of St. Paul in Romans 12:10 and the pursuit of excellence in God’s gifts to all.
  5. To give the dancers the opportunity to perform in Greece and participate in workshops while traveling through the country.
  6. To give deserving Hellenic Dancers the opportunity to experience traditional Greek folk dance in it’s natural setting: the Greek villages and islands.
  7. To help instill in these dancers the importance of our traditional Hellenic heritage and Orthodox Faith.

Our community is proud and blessed by Caitlin Hogan, Katie Merkel, Arielle Louvaris, Tony Foskolos, Lana Metropulos, and Victoria Angelakos who were chosen from our family and awarded this opportunity and life changing experience.