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Roof Repair Update

We want to keep you updated on the Roof Renovation Project as things have progressed since our last letter to you.  As you are aware, there has been no construction on the roof itself for some time.  Due to our dismay, the roofer hired was unable to finish the job to our satisfaction.  The point of contention came with the installation and aesthetics of the TPO membrane system.  The project halted immediately and research commenced on a way to possibly make the TPO work and finding a new product.  The resulting decision was to forgo the TPO Membrane system and work with a new roofing company to install a liquid applied roofing system.

So for the past  several months, we have researched roofers who could complete the work and are pleased to report that 2 weeks ago we contracted with Best Roofing for the job. We received the necessary permit from the City and work began on Monday, April 20, 2015. Best Roofing advised, weather permitting, that the dome and pitched roofs should be completed within 2 months.

Once the roof is completed, the outside of the Church and hall will be painted so our Church will show its magnificence and be a landmark in the City of Ft. Lauderdale for years to come.

The remaining amount needed to complete the work with a new liquid applied system is $149,000. Thanks to the Mary Kandaras Estate, every dollar you give now up to $75,000 to support the completion of this project, will be doubled.  We are extremely grateful to the Estate and to all who have given to this most needed project. If you have not yet supported this project, please consider doing so as we need your help. If you have already given and are able to give again, we sincerely thank you for your continued support of the Church.

Once this project is completed we can then begin the next phase towards consecrating our Church.

Should you have any questions please feel free to reach out to one of us.

Rev. Fr. Christopher T. Metropulos, Proistamenos

John Ioannou, President, Parish Council