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2013 Christmas Pageant

Come join the community for the Sunday School’s annual Christmas Pageant. Food will be provided by the parish council and desserts will be provided by the parents.

Who:  Hosted by St. Demetrios Sunday School
What:  2013 Christmas Pageant
Where:  St. Demetrios Church
When:  Friday, December 20,  2013 at 6:30pm


 2013 Christmas Pageant Script

(Mary, Joseph, any extra shepherds and angels without speaking parts, such as the younger ones walk to the stable during the entrance hymn.)

All sing during entrance: Joy to the World

(Samuel and Hannah are kneeling down next to beds finishing their bedtime prayers.)

Samuel and Hannah: And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom and the power ·and the glory of the Father,and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. (They make the sign of the cross) Amen. (Stand up.)

Hannah: Goodnight Samuel.

Samuel: Goodnight Hannah. I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve.I hope I get lots of presents.

Hannah: Well, I’M the good child. (Pointing to self.) I bet I get more presents than YOU!

Samuel: No way.

Mother (from background): Goodnight children,or there will be NO presents for EITHER of you.

Samuel and Hannah: Goodnight mother.

Father (from background): Did you two say your prayers? Samuel and Hannah: Yes Father. (Children lie down on cots.) (Angels enter, facing audience. Angel 2 is carrying icon.)

Angel 1: I believe these children need to learn the REAL meaning of Christmas.

Angel2: What do you have in mind?

Angel1: I’m thinking,I’m thinking. (Finger on chin.) Angel 2: We could put a bible in their stockings.

Angel 1: We tried- that last year.

St. Nicholas: And keep praying of course.

Samuel: Sure, sure


(They start walking around the audience on red path. St. Nicholas picks up items from -under tree and places them around path, then goes to stand by stable.)

Children: Jingle Bells,Jingle Bells,Jingle all the way. ………

(Shepherd 1 enters, blocks path, interrupts singing.)

Shepherd 1: Whoa,where are you two going at this hour?

Samuel: (Sarcastically) We are going to find our REAL Christmas gift.

Shepherd 1: It’s awfully lonely out here. Can I come along too?

Hannah: Sure,why not. Ask him. (Points behind, but St. Nicholas is gone.)  Hey, where did he go?

Samuel: This better not be another joke.


in case.

(They continue walking and around path singing.)


Children and Shepherd 1: Jingle bells,jingle bells,jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to walk in the middle of the night. ·

Shepherd 2: (Enters) Where is everyone going?

Shepherd 1: To find Christmas.

Shepherd 2: I need a little Christmas too. Can I go with you?

Shepherd 1: Just follow the red path.

Shepherd 2: I don’t go anywhere without my cross. (Picks up cross.) I’m ready now. Let’s go.


(They continue walking.)


Shepherd 1: Does anyone hear voices?

All from stable: Christ is born.Glorify Him. (3 times.) Shepherd 2: (Nervously) I’m turning back.

Shepherd 3: Wait,listen.

Messenger 1: (Front and center) And she brought forth her firstborn Son,and wrapped Him in swaddling clothes,and laid Him in a manger,because there was no room for them in the inn.

Messenger 2: Now there· were in the same country, shepherds living out in the fields,keeping watch over their flock by night.

Messenger 3: And behold,an angel of the Lord stood before them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them,and they were greatly afraid.· ·

(Baby Jesus is placed into manger while Messengers are speaking.)

Joseph: For unto us a Child is born,unto us a Son is given.


All: Sing 0 Come All Ye Faithful.


(Samuel, Hannah and shepherds walk towards stable and join in singing.)

Hannah: So,THIS is Christmas. (Loudly, with outstretched arms.) Samuel: What are you talking about?

Hannah: Don’t you see? Christmas is a celebration. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus. HE is our gift!

Samuel: But I wanted a real gift,with wrapping paper and batteries and……

Ange/1: Jesus IS real Samuel. He is the most special gift- of all,because you can keep Him in your heart all year long. He is always .with you.


Samuel: {Takes Bible and gives it to mother.) Merry Christmas Morn.

Mother: Oh Samuel, I love it. Thank you.

Samuel: (Takes prayer rope and gives it to father.) Merry Christmas,Dad.

Father: Very nice. Thanks son. Just what I needed.(Pats Samuel’s shoulder.) Samuel: (Holds cross to his heart.) I think I will keep THIS to remember what Christmas is really about.


(Angel 1 and 2 enter and stand front and center.)

Angel 1: We did good.

Angel2: REAL good. (Angels shake hands.) (All on stage.)

All: Christ is Born. Glorify Him.

All sing: Nativity Hymn.

(All Bow)

The End