Weekly Sunday Bulletin – 17th Sunday of Luke


We thank the 195 stewards who have pledged for 2014.

Thank you

Thank you to all of our wonderful parishioners who tirelessly volunteered to make this year’s festival successful.

Our patrons enjoyed the delicious food, the energetic dancing and our warm hospitality.

Thank you all for your stewardship of time.

To our Festival Leaders and Committee Members:

I want to thank you for the incredible showing of hard work, leadership, patience and warmth to our guests that you exhibited this past weekend and the weeks prior to the Festival. St. Demetrios has benefited from your commitment of time and talent by hosting the most successful Festival ever for us. We shattered records for gross revenue for Friday and Saturday nights and for the overall Festival. We are tabulating our expenses so it will be awhile before we know what our net revenue is but we expect it to minimally exceed the budgeted amount.

On February 27th, Thursday, we will hold an “Evening of Gratitude for our Festival Volunteers.” Details will follow but we want to come together and celebrate our efforts and results. Please be sure to hold the date.

I want to thank Fr. Christopher in his vision and leadership in exhorting all of us to produce the best Festival ever. Fr. John and church staff – Pauline, Kiki, Susan and Joseph – held us altogether as they balanced their responsibilities as well as the numerous details to make this event a success.

Finally, I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve St. Demetrios.

Thank you as always for your continued support.

Best regards,


Agape Club Luncheon

With the festival behind us and after a week of rest it is once again time for us to come together on Tuesday, Feb. 18 at 11am for the Agape luncheon.

We want to welcome all the snowbirds but we kindly request for you to notify either Marian Jordan at 954-463-5882 or Suzanne Zorbas at so they can in return let Chef Stephen know how many meals to prepare. Thank you all and see you Tuesday.

Clergy Education Fund (Papouli)

The Philoptochos is starting to collect money to help the education of our future priests. It is suggested that we give $10 per person or $20 per family. Please see Dee Hopwood in the community center

Daughter’s of Penelope Fashion Show on March 1, 2014

Please come and support the fashion show sponsored by the Daughters of Penelope at the Lighthouse Point Yacht Club .Call Toni Hyland 954-427-5453 or Kallie Xenakis at 954-421-6161 for tickets. Tickets are $50.00

All proceeds go to benefit the PACE center for girls in Broward County.

Flowers for the Icon of The Theotokos

Every Friday during Lent, for the Salutations, we decorate our beautiful Icon of the Theotokos. If you would like to contribute it is $35. Each Friday for (Mar.7, Mar. 14, Mar. 21 and Mar. 28). For Friday, April 4, the Akathist Hymn , will be $75.00.

Thank you as always for your continued support.