Weekly Sunday Bulletin – 7th Sunday of Matthew

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With what lips shall we, poor and worthless, call the Theotokos blessed? She is more honored than the creation, and more holy than the cherubim and all the angels. She is the unshaken Throne of the King, the Abode in which the Most High has dwelt…the Holy Place of God… For by your deathless Dormition you have sanctified the whole world, and then have been translated to the place above the world, there to perceive the beauty of the Almighty. You are attended by ranks of angels, O pure ever Virgin, and by the souls of the just. Join them to ask for us peace and great mercy.

Small vespers– Dormition. Festal menaion

Parish Council on duty:

John Ioannou, Jr., John Argiropoulos, James Carras, Anna Merkel, Demetri Rapanos, Peter Synoyannis, Kathy Ziegler