Weekly Sunday Bulletin April 24, 2016


Helene Tzitsikas Scholarship Fund

Thanks to a very generous gift from the estate of the late Dr. Helene Tzitsikas (which eventually grew to $224,100.00) Saint Demetrios is pleased to announce the establishment of a permanently endowed scholarship fund to be known as the “Helene Tzitsikas Scholarship Fund.” Income from this fund shall be used to provide scholarships to deserving students with preference to students studying Greek, Spanish or French, to be selected by St. Demetrios. Under the direction of the St. Demetrios Parish Council, the Education, Youth and Cultural Committee (EYCC) designed the parameters of the scholarship and will manage the application, selection and award process. This year, a $1,500.00 will be awarded to one or more deserving students. Visit the St. Demetrios website at stdemetrios.org to apply before the May 1st deadline.

Three Hierarchs Scholarship (THS) Award:

 Application forms for the THS awards of Drs. Anthony and Joyce Kales are available in the Church office. These scholarships are awarded strictly on the basis of meritorious academic achievement for college bound seniors. The academic guidelines for consideration include:

Grade Point Average of 3.5 or above; membership in the National Honor Society; a combined SAT Verbal and Math score of 1280 or greater (the combined scores must be from the same SAT exam i.e., scores cannot be combined from two separate SAT exams). ACT substitution for the SAT examination is not allowed. Deadline for submission of application is June 15.