Weekly Sunday Bulletin-August 28, 2016




Because of you, our parish is able to offer the liturgical services, ministries,  sacraments, educational programs, fellowship and cultural activities that cultivate community, strengthen families and transform lives.

What is Stewardship? Christian Stewardship is an opportunity to respond to Christ’s love by perpetuating His ministry through the Church. Stewardship places the responsibility to support the Church exactly where it belongs, on us.  “Your own gifts we offer to you,” with these words, we offer ourselves and all of creation to the Lord at every Divine Liturgy. We acknowledge that everything we offer to God is a gift from Him. We take what God has given and we return it to him as a gesture of our thanksgiving and praise. As stewards of God’s gifts, we return to him a portion of our time, service and money for Christ’s work on earth through His Church.