Weekly Sunday Bulletin – Beginning of the New Ecclesiastical Year

Philoptochos Ladies Society

On Wednesday, Sept. 4 at 6:30pm in the community center the Ladies are sponsoring a Tahitian Luau Night with dinner treats and tropical flavor specialty drinks. Please join us for an evening of fun suggested donation is $5.00.

Teacher/Advisor Orientation Meeting on Saturday, Sept. 7 at 6pm

Short presentation about the Youth Ministries preceded by a light dinner.

Parents Meeting, Sunday, September 8 at 1:30pm

Youth ministry meeting for all parents and guardians of youth participating in youth ministries

Adult Bible Study class starts September 8.

Fr. Chris and Fr. John will guide you through the interpretation and understanding of the Book of Matthew. Every Sunday at 10am.

Feast Day of Saint Sophia—September 16

Celebrate the feast day of Saint Sophia and her three daughters, Faith, Hope and Love., at Saint Sophia Cathedral in Miami.

Vespers will begin at 7pm on Monday evening followed by refreshments in the community center. Tuesday morning services will begin with Matins at 8:45am and the Divine Liturgy celebrated at 9:30am.


The Education Youth Culture Committee (EYCC) is now accepting nominations for the 2013 – 2014 Dance Advisory Committee (DAC). This rewarding team of volunteers is responsible for the St. Demetrios dance program. Nominees must be current stewards in good standing and must submit an EYCC Volunteer Form and a DAC Nomination Form to the church office by Sunday September 29th.

These forms are available in the church office, Narthex and on our website. Please consider joining this significant group or recommend someone to serve in this capacity. We thank you in advance for your consideration and support.

Byzantine Music Class

It a whole other language if you are interested in the learning the history and theory of the Pasltic Art, please contact Fr. John for the next session.

This year we are also creating a musical instrument program in which our faithful can learn how to play the bouzouki, guitar and sing. We have a wonderful opportunity this year, George Bouras is back with us and is very enthusiastic to work with us all again. If you are interested please contact Fr. John.

Singing in the Choir is good for the heart

by Paul Marks

The heart rates of people who sing in a choir quickly synchronise with one another. The discovery may offer clues to the health benefits of group singing.

Björn Vickhoff at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, recruited 15 singers and asked them to undertake a number of joint singing tasks, from monotone humming to singing a meditative mantra or Christian hymn. Their vital signs were monitored throughout.

The team found that choral singing increased the amount by which an individual’s heart rate varied. That might confer a potential health benefit because low variability in heart rate is known to be related to high blood pressure, says Vickhoff.

They also found that the singers’ heart rates tended to fluctuate in synchrony when they were singing structured songs. This was linked to an effect known as respiratory sinus arrhythmia – where your heart beat varies in synchrony with breathing, which is known from research on meditation to be soothing, says Vickhoff. So choir singing, he speculates, might be achieving calming effects in a similar way to breathing exercises in yoga. “But the medical effects need investigating further,” he says. We would love for you to join the choir, please see Fr. John.

What do we tell our children about Miley Cyrus?

Read Fr. Vasile Tudora’s post for an interesting comparison between John the Baptist and Miley Cyrus.

We would like to thank all who have donated to the Land Purchase

as of 09/01/2013

Anonymous, Juanita Antley, John & Monica Argiropoulos, Voula Argyros, Platon & Elefteria Bakatselos, Stephen & Mary Barakakos, Jeffrey & Angelique Bartfield, Paul Bisbikos, Bessie Boghosian, James & Alicia Carras, Nick & Helen Christos & Family, John Clidas, Malama Clidas, Timothy & Valerie Cockrell, Fr. John & Presv. Abigail Codis, Chris & Ellen Colonnese, Faye Columbus, Manny Daskos, Victor Demetriou, Dean & Sophia Drakoulias, John Faturos, Sophecles & Vivian Fiacos, Catherine Fountas, Helen Gatsonis, Thomas & Caliope Geannakakes, Dr. George Georgakakis, Ethel Gerakas, Evans Gerakas, Bobby Gianos, George & Erica Gogonis, Charles & Mary Grisafi, Kay Hampares, Kalliopi Hanlon, Michael & Irene Haralambis, Ioannou Family, George & Judy Jimokas, Dave & Diane Johnson, Cynthia Kalesia, Dimitra Karachalias, Lazarus & Paula Kirifides, Catherine Kourakos, Helen Kyriacos, Constantine & Evangeline Maheras, Molly Manolakis, Barbara Makris , In Ja Malanos, Mantha, Spero & Rocio Mehallis, Stephen & Martha Mehallis, Ken & Anna Merkel, Fr. Christopher & Presv. Georgia Metropulos & Family, Medon & Paula Michaelides, Chris Molho, Richard & Aphrodite Moriates, Theodore & Anne Nicholas, George & Alexandra Nichols, Delcho & Helen Ogorelkoff, Gordon & Susan Oliver, Omega Patio Enterprises, Mary Owen, Garry & Diane Paxinos, Bette Peters, Costas & Mary Pieri, Chris & Cally Politis, George & Rhea Politis, Demetrios & Chrissoulla Rapanos, Catherine Rizopoulos, David & Theckla Santavicca, Albert & Amelia Scaglione, William & Andrea Schinas, Mary Sefferly, Michael & Estelle Sotirhos, Randall & Katina Soy, Peter Synoyannis, Evonne Stavrojohn, Harry Tangalakis, Xenia Tangalakis, Phillip & Helen Taschioglou, Dean Trantalis, Virginia Tsitsovich, James Tsevdos, Lorraine Tzikas, Ernest & Eleni Varvoutis, Anne Vezos & Family, Steve & Barbara Yatrousis, Mark & Alexandra Zaden, Katherine Ziegler, Salome Zikakis & Bill Parady