Weekly Sunday Bulletin-February 7, 2016

Parthenius_Bishop of Lampsacus16th Sunday of Matthew

Parthenius, Bishop of Lampsacus

Saint Parthenius was born in Melitopolis on the Hellespont, the son of a deacon named Christopher. Because of the miracles that he wrought even as a young man, he was ordained a priest and then Bishop of Lampsacus in the days of Saint Constantine the Great, from whom he received great gifts and authority both to overturn the altars of the idols and to raise up a church to the glory of Christ. Working many miracles throughout his life, he reposed in peace an old man and full of days.


Parish Council on duty:

John Argiropoulos, Basil Economou, John Ioannou, Jr., Marion Koliniatis, Tony Maiorana,

Demetri Rapanos, Mark Zaden, Kathy Ziegler