Weekly Sunday Bulletin – Holy Pentecost


We thank the 298 Stewards who have pledged for 2015.

From God every family in heaven and on earth is named. Ephesians 3:15

Renew your commitment of time, talent and treasure today!

General Assembly – June 7, 2015

The Spring GENERAL ASSEMBLY meeting is Sunday, June 7, in the Community Center,immediately following the Divine Liturgy.

We would like to remind you, if you desire to participate in the discussion and voting at this Assembly, that your Stewardship obligation to the Church for year 2015 must be current through May 31, 2015.

We, along with all members of the Parish Council, look forward to this meeting with great hope and expectation.

May our Lord keep you and yours in His loving care!

Giving Opportunities at St. Demetrios and Interacting

Stewardship Commitment

Commit your Time, Talent and Treasure- If you are a member of our parish, reach out and bring in one new family or reactivate a family you know by asking them to join you at Church .If you are new to our parish, please visit our website for more details about our parish family. Come and worship with us each Sunday.

Iconography Project

Sacred Murals adorn the walls of all Orthodox Churches. Our Parish offers the opportunity for you to donate an icon in honor of a loved one or in memory of someone. Call our church to discuss. 9 Medallions and 1 Standing Saint, 3 Murals of Miracles, 2 dome icons, glass railing on balcony, glass doors to narthex are still available to be dedicated to a loved one. Contact our clergy.

Land Purchase

Throughout the past two decades we have sought to expand our church campus to allow for our growth. You may donate for the property to the South of the Church- half of the funds have been raised for this long awaited accomplishment.

Church Roof Renovation

Our greatest project this year is the completion of our dome restoration. Raising funds to complete the roof and then renovate the interior of the Church damaged by water over the years. Be a part of creating this landmark building in South Florida.

Endowment Program

Individuals, families, businesses or corporations may give to the Endowment fund and designate these funds to be utilized within the church. This giving can be done during your lifetime or designated in your will.

Flowers on the Altar

Flowers on the altar are donated in honor of Fr. Christopher by the ladies in the office Susan, Kiki and Pauline.

Flowers-  Peace Lillies

Next Sunday, June 7, the peace lilies on the solea will be available in the south narthex, please feel free to take one per family.

Philoptochos Brown Bag Drive

Today is the last Sunday for the Philoptochos BROWN BAG food drive.

Please  bring in your filled bags to the community center, and it is not too late to make a monetary contribution. Please see Dee Hopwood

Philoptochos Clothing Drive

Today is the last Sunday for the clothing drive. Our Ladies of Philoptochos have been asked to assist in the clothing drive as part of the International Rescue Committee. All items collected will be sent to St. George Antiochian Cathedral in Coral Gables. The “clothing drive” is the result of Father Saba who is coordinating the arrival in the USA of 700 families from Middle East refugee camps of which 70 families will be moving to South Florida from Palm Beach County down to Miami-Dade County. Many are Orthodox, others Christian and some Muslim. IRC is asking for assistance with clothing, housing, translators for the Arabic language and even mentoring for children assimilating into our English language school systems. This is a huge undertaking.

Please use your better judgment when you pack the clothes. These refugees literally only have what is on their backs.

Now Accepting Applications!!

The Education, Youth and Cultural Committee is now accepting applications for the various ministries for the 2015-2016 calendar year. Please consider sharing your talents with our church family. You may mail the Volunteer Application Form to the church or fax it to us at 954-467-0212. Father Chris and Fr. John and the Committee are looking forward to another year of vibrant programs for our Parishioners. You may pick up a form in the south Narthex, or visit our website.

Summer Camp

This camp is offered as a way for our young people to further engage their faith and build relationships with others. There are many activities and workshops that will imprint the Christian ethos on their minds and hearts. This is a wonderful and unique opportunity for our youth to experience Christ and our Orthodox faith alongside their friends, peers, and mentors.

*NOTE* There are scholarships available for St. Demetrios parishioners who are in need of financial assistance.
Registration is now OPEN. Please register your 1-7th grader as a camper. If you have a child that is in 8th-12th grade they can be registered as a Jr. counselor. For more information visit our website or speak with Fr. John or Sampson.